Food trucks and bus stops

It’s been surprisingly dry in Seattle, but it has apparently been crazily wet in Michigan!  The pictures I’ve been seeing have been pretty intense.  Stay safe and dry everyone!  And don’t drive through any standing water!!  Unless you own a Toyota landrover or something.  Probably not even then, actually.  From the pictures I’ve seen it looks like you’d need a boat more than a car.

The weather here has been so sunny that it’s almost impossible walking to work without sunglasses since I walk due east.  It has been BLINDING!

This has been a pretty busy and crazy couple of weeks, both for Mike and me and for the country.  The Boston marathon bombing was tragic, but the government’s and the city of Boston’s responses have frankly been very troubling as well.

However, on a lighter note…

Over the weekend Mike and I completely took it easy.  We had both had a really busy week at work, particularly Mike, so it was time to just relax and do nothing.  Mike spent some time playing an online game with Dave and Tamara and I read and worked on some iOS programming.  I also did laundry and went grocery shopping.  Apparently asparagus is in season so I bought some of that.  I’m hoping to cook it up tonight.  Sometimes I can be such a procrastinator.  It’s so easy to roast it in the oven, but I just keep putting it off.

A friend of mine at work who’s Persian gave me some middle-eastern cardamom loose leaf tea (the same kind I had at Kabul) as well as some green cardamom pods to mix it with, so on the weekends I have a couple of hot mugs of that each morning.  It’s so good!  I have realized that I basically love most middle-eastern food.  I found a food truck in Seattle that’s in the South Lake Union area on Thursdays that has the best falafel I’ve ever had.  They taste like fluffy balls of spice.  SO good!  I’ve gone there a couple times, and now they recognize me.

The food truck culture in Seattle is pretty awesome.  I really like the concept.  On any given day there are between ten and fifteen food trucks within a several block radius of downtown that offer a wide variety of different cuisines.  I, of course, latched onto one of the middle-eastern ones, but there are many others.  Like the SUPER popular Taco Truck where you get served your food by a Mexican man in cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat and the line is always at least 20 people long.  And like Jemil’s Big Easy where you can get creole and cajun food complete with a dessert of beignets.  And like Box Nature Sushi which, of course, serves sushi.  Even though it seems like you’d have to have pretty poor judgment to buy sushi out of a truck, their sushi is supposed to be really good and a lot of people love it.  And then there’s Maximus Minimus which again is supposed to have amazing food if you can get over the fact that their truck is shaped like a giant, somewhat imposing looking grey pig.  Another huge favorite that people are willing to walk extra blocks to get to is the Marination Mobile which serves Korean food and has impressed even the most discerning of Korean food experts (which I am not).

So, what have I been cooking lately?  Well, last Thursday night I made banana bread.  Mike’s been enjoying having a piece of that most mornings since then.  He’s never very hungry in the mornings (and doesn’t have much time before work), so a piece of banana bread is just about right for him.  On Sunday I made Chicken with Beans & Red Potatoes in the slow cooker.  Mike’s been in a ‘American’ food frame of mind lately instead of an Asian frame of mind, so I’ve put the wok away for a while.  I also got some ingredients to make a cajun stir fry, except I don’t have a recipe for that.  It’s one that Mike’s friend Dave used to make periodically, so I’ll just be copying his recipe as best as I can remember.  Mike always really liked it.

Yesterday when I walked to my bus stop to catch the bus home I found a giant orange sign notifying me that the bus stop was closed because of construction.  It’s been one of those kind of weeks for both Mike and me where weird, out-of-the-ordinary things happen to kind of shake up our perception of what “should” happen.  Normally I just walk to the bus station and catch a bus.  Yesterday I had to walk further north to get to another stop.  Since that bus station is closed for the foreseeable future I’ll have to start using one that’s further away from work but closer to Whole Foods.  That’s not good, because I don’t need any excuse to stop there more often than I already do.  🙂

And… Mike and I bought plane tickets for Michigan!  We’ll be back in town for a long weekend on June 7th.  And we’re looking forward to seeing everyone.  🙂


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