Running and why I think my dentist hates me

No, I haven’t been eating a bunch of sugar.  Nor have I skipped my brushing or my flossing or using mouthwash.  All of those things are forgivable   But I am doing the one thing that all dentists agree is NOT forgivable.

I have rescheduled my appointment.  Twice.

AND I have to call them back tomorrow and reschedule a third time.

They have all been perfectly justifiable reschedulings, but the problem is that if I were only slightly more organized I could have accomplished everything with one single reschedule.  Instead my phone conversations with the very friendly receptionist Howard always seem to occur when I’m trying to catch a bus or get to a meeting at work and go something like this.

“Hello Howard.  My name is Karen.  I have an appointment scheduled on May 2nd.”

“Oh yes… you had to reschedule it from April 22nd, right?”

“Well, yes.  I mean, well.  Yes.  That’s why I’m calling.  I actually have to reschedule again.  Unfortunately when I rescheduled the last time for Thursday at 3pm I forgot that I always have metrics meetings on Thursdays at 3pm.”


“Ok.  What day would work for you?”

“Well, how about Friday?  I never have metrics meetings on Fridays.”

“How about Friday June 7th?”

“Sure, that’s good.  No metrics meetings that day.”

“What time?  We want to find a time that works for you.”  (Ouch.  This is as close as nice, sweet Howard gets to rebuking me.)

“Anytime at all Howard.”  I can be very accommodating when I’m feeling guilty and repentant.  And when I’m breathless and walking really fast hoping to get to my bus stop before the bus comes.  “Whatever time works for the doctor.”  I’m craning my neck.  I can see the bus.  Maybe if I can walk a little faster.  Where are my running shoes when I need them?

“How about 2pm?”

“Perfect… thanks so much Howard.”

“Ok, June 7th at 2pm.  You’re all set.”

“Thanks so much Howard… I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.”  Now I’m breathless and almost running to get to the stop before the bus does.  Maybe it’ll get stuck behind the red light at Denny and Aurora.

“No problem, Karen.  We’ll see you on June 7th at 2pm.”

Aha!  The bus is stuck at the red light!  That buys me a full two minutes.  Now I’ll make the bus for sure.

“Thanks Howard.”

Two minutes later I’m on the bus and realize that I will actually be at the airport waiting for a flight to Michigan at 2pm on June 7th.  Aaaaaaah!  That’s what I get for multitasking.

I don’t think I can face Howard (even audibly over the phone) again tomorrow to tell him I need to reschedule a third time.  If I email instead is that the equivalent of breaking up with someone via text message, or is it permissible for third time dental reschedules??

On to running news.  I have been very fortunate not to have to live up to the name of this blog lately.  Although it’s been raining often during the week, and even part of the weekends, I have yet to actually run in the rain.  My runs have been completely dry.  How nice is that!!  On Saturday morning I got up early and did my last long run (12 miles) before the Portland half marathon in three weeks.  Next Saturday I’ll probably do 9… then 6 the Saturday after that… and then race day!  Admittedly I haven’t been training very diligently for this race.  Actually I only started training two weeks ago, and even then my training has been more of a ‘Can I make it through 13.1 miles?’ than a ‘Can I beat my previous half marathon record?’  These days I’ve been doing lots of workout DVDs (thank you Jillian Michaels), zumba classes, and yoga classes.  Those are all great indoor workouts that don’t require going outside in the windy, rainy weather.  Now that the weather’s getting nice again I’m getting a lot more inspired to run though.

Today after work I had a practice 5k run with the Girls on the Run program at a local school.  I am a “Running Buddy” who will be paired with a girl and will run the practice 5k with her and the full 5k in mid-May with her.  My job is to encourage her, build confidence, and provide running guidance if needed.  It was a lot of fun!  The girl I’m paired with was very outgoing and talked almost non-stop about everything from school to her pets.  It was so much fun!  I’m definitely looking forward to running the big race with her in May!

Last Saturday afternoon I cleaned house.  And I mean cleaned house.  I scrubbed floors, cleaned counters, etc.  I was very industrious.  Mike got together with a friend from work so I used the opportunity to get lots of cleaning done.  Mike and his friend ended up stopping by the apartment so we all hung out and talked for awhile and then they left again to hang out with some more friends.  It was definitely a ‘hang out with the guys’ day for Mike, which I think is really good for him.

The next several weekends are very busy for Mike and me.  This weekend we’re driving up to Vancouver for an electronic music concert.  We’re pretty excited.  We’ll be seeing Armin VanBuuren who is legendary in the Trance world, and we’ve never seen him.  The weekend after that we’re getting together with a friend Saturday evening.  The weekend after I’m running the Girls on the Run 5k on Saturday and then we’re headed to Portland so I can run the 13.1 miles I signed up to run months and months ago on Sunday.  Then we have a free weekend… and then we’re headed back to Michigan!  Then, one and a half weeks after we get back I’m signed up to run the Seattle half marathon.  Busy, busy!

Over the weekend Mike drove me to Whole Foods, which is always kind of nice because that way I can get all the groceries instead of making several little walking trips every couple days.  He hung out at their coffee bar and got a latte while I rushed around getting everything on my list.  Unfortunately I forgot ground beef, which was a key ingredient given that I wanted to make meatballs.  Hence, no meatballs were made.

So I did stop at the store yesterday on the way home from work and got ground beef.  However, when I got home from the Girls on the Run 5k today I didn’t feel like making meatballs.  I think it just sounded too messy and involved.  So instead I made Easy Beef Stroganoff which got a good review from Mike and was SO easy.  I made a few changes to make it healthier.  Instead of cooking the ground beef in butter (!!!) I just cooked the ground beef by itself and then drained the meat.  Then I added the melted butter to the meat after I had drained it.  I also added more mushrooms and onions than required.  Stroganoff is pretty much the only way Mike likes mushrooms, and they are SO good for you!

In other news, the bus stop I normally use is still closed, but the bus actually stopped there this morning anyway.  It looked like a new bus driver, and I don’t think he knew the stop was closed.  Not a problem for me!  If I can get off at my old bus stop and just have to deal with a little construction and navigate a few orange cones, I’m ok with that!  🙂

As a parting note, since I have running on the brain a lot lately, here’s an anonymous quote I found provokingly inspirational on

You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you’ve got.



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2 responses to “Running and why I think my dentist hates me

  1. nate

    I’ve got a saying, too. “Use the veins in your brains and not the drains in your trains.” It’s always helped me.
    (from SNL – mocking Jesse Jackson)

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