Oil changes and bumper clips

Who would have thought it was that difficult to get the oil in your car changed the way you want it?

Shortly after Mike and I bought our Honda Civic, Mike bought eight quarts of Mobile 1 oil that he wanted to use to change the oil when the car needed it.  As it turned out, it doesn’t need its oil changed very often so Mike stuck the eight quarts of car oil on the floor in the bathroom closet.  Well, ok.  I wasn’t thrilled because there was oil sitting next to my laundry detergent, but it wasn’t a big deal.  I admit to being excited when Mike went to get the oil changed for the first time because I was looking forward to a lot of that oil being gone from the bathroom closet.  Mike took all eight quarts of oil with him, dropped off the car on his way to work after giving the dealership strict instructions to use the oil in the backseat rather than their own oil, and then he came home that night after picking up the car.  And he still had the oil.  All eight quarts of it.  Despite his repeated admonitions, the dealership had neglected to use his oil and had instead used their oil.  Interestingly, however, they hadn’t charged him for oil, so it seemed as thought they were planning on using his oil, but then forget.  Bummer.  All eight quarts of the oil went back into the bathroom closet next to the laundry detergent and the vacuum cleaner.  I breathed a small, internal sigh of disappointment, but it was fine.  Fast forward to this week.  The car was due for an oil change again!  So it was now time to get rid of some of that car oil.  Mike left for work with all eight quarts of oil, dropped off the car on his way to work after giving the dealership strict instructions to use the oil in the backseat rather than their own oil, and then he came that night after picking up the car.  And he still had the oil.  All eight quarts of it.  Does this sound familiar?  They had forgotten to use his oil and had, again, neglected to charge him for their oil.  Mike also noticed that they hadn’t rotated his tires, as he asked.  So he called and complained, saying that his wife was getting tired of him always coming back from the dealer with oil to put in the bathroom closet (yes, he actually said that).  They apologized profusely, told him they hadn’t rotated his tires because the wear pattern on the tires didn’t indicate they needed to be rotated and gave him a coupon for a free oil change since they hadn’t used his oil.

I wonder if they’ll use his oil or their oil for the free oil change.

At this point, I’m betting they’ll use their oil.  🙂

This weekend was a flurry of activity for Mike and me.  We had tickets to see an Armin VanBuuren concert in Vancouver on Saturday night, which we were excited about.  We took our time leaving on Saturday and didn’t actually leave until around early afternoon.  We drove up and were pleasantly surprised that the trip that took us four hours by train only took 2.5 hours by car.  Plus 15 minutes at the border.  However, we did have to make a couple of stops.  The first time was to get gas and so that Mike could check out a rattling we heard in the front bumper of the car.  He found that there were some clips loose on the bumper assembly.  Nothing dangerous, but it was annoying, and the rattling was made a lot worse by the strong wind blowing from the north.  Mike stopped again a couple miles later and duct-taped the bumper up as completely as he could.  Almost a whole roll of duct tape later, he emerged from hunching down in front of the car, and we got back on the road, eager to see if the duct tape had fixed the problem.  Unfortunately the rattling resumed as soon as we got on the highway and reached cruising speed.  I thought Mike was going to have a fit.  However, he found a semi to draft off of, so we stayed behind the semi and the sound stopped since we weren’t getting the full brunt of the wind.  He’s taking the car in this week to get the bumper clips replaced… he can’t let it wait another minute.  🙂

We found our hotel easily and checked in.  The hotel was gorgeous!  I had chosen it because I found an online deal for it that was better than any of the other downtown Vancouver hotels I could find, and it offered free valet parking (which is not cheap), but we were surprised at how gorgeous it was.  We checked in and evaluated.  Armin VanBuuren didn’t actually come on until 11pm (just a bunch of opening acts for the first several hours), so we decided to skip those and have dinner at the Copper Chimney, which was an Indian restaurant in the hotel.  We were so glad we ended up there!  The atmosphere was so relaxing… lots of dark wood and copper pots and pans hanging on the wall.  Because the weather was so nice and warm, they had their front door wide open, allowing all the sights and sounds from outside to waft in.  There was also live music!  A guy playing what seemed to be original songs an acoustic guitar and singing.  Our waitress was very attentive and kept up with refilling our water glasses (which for Mike and me can be a challenge because we both drink a lot of water, especially after riding in the car in the sun all afternoon).  I got the yellow lentil soup and pan-fried brussels sprouts.  The soup was only so-so.  The flavor was pretty good, but nothing special.  Not something I’d probably order again.  The brussels sprouts were great though and more than made up for any deficiencies in the soup!  They were SO good!  Mike got a steak that came with roasted broccolini and a cone-shaped paper wedge of cumin potato fries, and he said it was all really good.  Afterwards we continued to listen to the live singer and Mike got coffee and I got tea.  We needed caffeine since we were going to be up really late!

After we left the Copper Chimney we headed over in the direction of the Vancouver Convention Center where the event was being held.  I had picked a hotel only half a mile away from the Convention Center so that we could just walk there instead of messing with trying to find parking downtown.  The convention center was HUGE!  And Mike and I entered the main room at 10:57pm… right on time!  Armin VanBuuren was just starting his set!

Oh my gosh… his music was amazing!  I woke up this morning with some of the music still pounding in my head.  It was so good!  And very trance-y.  DeadMau5 and Tiesto and some of the other guys we’ve seen have been a lot more ‘house’ than ‘trance’, but Armin was pure trance. It was a really fun night!

Walking back to the hotel, it was interesting how safe the area felt.  There were a some cops around, which definitely helped, but both Mike and I were struck by how safe it seemed versus Seattle.

The bed at the hotel was SO SOFT!  Just like a fluffy cloud.  We were sorry to leave the hotel the next morning… it had been such a wonderful stay!  The drive back was fine, but much longer because the wait at the border was more like 50 minutes instead of 15.  We just waited patiently, and eventually got through.

And now, just for a few adorable pictures…

There’s a keeshond in one of the Amazon buildings named Oskar that I see around occasionally and I saw him out enjoying the sunshine with his owner on Friday.

Oskar the keeshond

Oskar the keeshond

Adorable, right??  Since my family had keeshonds growing up, I always get excited when I see one.  And Oskar is a sweetheart with a great personality.  🙂

And here’s a dog that one of my coworkers owns.  Her name is Zoe, and she’s one of my work friends.  🙂

Zoe relaxing on her new green throw

Zoe relaxing on her new green throw

I hope everyone has a great week!  🙂


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