Random thoughts with little rhyme or reason to them

Lately life has been really busy for Mike and me, and my brain is in hyperdrive with multitasking, so my thoughts are all random and jumbled.  Here are a few.

* After years of using an electric toothbrush, I apparently forgot how they work.  Last night without even thinking I took the vibrating toothbrush out of my mouth to put it back on its stand before it had finished its two minutes and shut off.  That’s a pretty quick way to make a mess if you ever wondered.  I have no idea what motivated me, although I was lost in thought at the time, and apparently mistook it for an old-fashioned non-vibrating and non-mess-making toothbrush. Live and learn.  Although that’s one lesson you would have thought I would have learned by now given how many times I’ve used an electric toothbrush.  🙂

* I am loving Armin VanBuuren’s new album Intense.  I’ve been basically listening to it nonstop on endless repeat all day at work (ever since last weekend when Mike and I got back from his concert), and I have been CRANKING through work at Amazon.  I was extremely productive last week.  I’m actually listening to it at home now too.  🙂  You know how there are some songs that just seem like balm for your mind when you listen to them?  This is one of them for me.  I can’t seem to get tired of it.

* On Tuesday night I randomly made a loaf of strawberry bread.  It’s like banana bread, but strawberry.  (Obviously, right?)  🙂  I had some strawberries that were going to go bad, so I had the brilliant idea of strawberry bread.  Apparently I wasn’t the first person to have this brilliant idea because I found lots of recipes on-line.  I made it, and Mike didn’t take much notice.  But then he went to take a shower and when he came out the whole apartment smelled of baked strawberries and he sniffed appreciatively and wanted to know what I was making.  He had two pieces almost immediately and two days later he randomly said “Thank you.”  When I asked what for, he said, “For making the strawberry bread.”  So I think the bread was a hit.  🙂  The only changes I made from the recipe were that I added a little less oil than it called for and I added twice the amount of strawberries because I had a lot of berries to use up.

* I’ve been thinking a lot about the bus lately because my bus stop is closed for construction until 2014.  So that basically means I need to find alternate bus stops each day.  That sounds easier than it actually is because different bus stops are different distances from work and drop me off different distances from home, so every day it’s a research exercise to determine which bus will be the best bet for getting home quickly based on when I’m leaving work.  I think I’m approaching it too analytically… I should just pick a stop and always take the bus from there.  Maybe I’ll start doing that sometime before 2014 when my old bus stop reopens.  🙂  Anyway, in thinking about buses, I realized there are certain types of people I ALWAYS seem to see on the bus.

– The person who’s typing away crazily on a laptop, despite the fact that they’re wedged between two other people, they don’t have wi-fi, the bus is really bumpy, and they’re only taking the bus four blocks.

– The person who has all of their belongings with them.  These belongings may be in a shopping cart, piled on a wheelchair, laid out in a variety of boxes around them, or in a giant steel-framed backpack.  Strangely, these people are the most talkative, even though they’re sometimes only talking to themselves.

– The person who puts on makeup, paints their toenails, or otherwise makes the most of their commute by getting personal hygiene out of the way on the bus.  I haven’t seen anyone with a toothbrush and a cup of water yet, but I’m waiting.  I know it’s just a matter of time.

– The person who has no idea where they’re going.  “Excuse me do you go to Boeing Field?” they ask the bus driver, even though Boeing Field is 40 miles away and this is strictly a downtown busline.

– The person who has every idea where they’re going.  “Um, actually you’re not supposed to stop until you actually pass a full foot beyond this intersection.  City regulations.  But since this is Terry and Stewart, you’re probably ok since no one monitors this intersection.”

– The biker.  Every metro city bus has a bike rack on the front so hard-core bikers can attach their bike to the front of the bus and hop on.  These people usually have slim, hard-core looking sunglasses, don’t take off their helmet even though they’re now on a bus, and are wearing tight spandex (is there any other kind?) branded with various sponsor logos.  Sometimes they’re even wearing clip-in shoes that clip into their bike pedals but don’t allow them to walk very easily on the bus.

– The person who eats their meals on the bus.  I’m not talking a granola bar here.  I’m talking about a giant gooey burrito oozing filling.  Or half a pizza.  I don’t know how they manage since the buses are super bumpy.

– The person with the dog.  And they are usually holding the dog on their lap.  Depending on how large the dog is, this may be very awkward.

– The sneezer.  Depending on the time of year, you are pretty much guaranteed that the sneezer will be on any bus you take.

If you’re very lucky, you get all of them on the same bus trip.  🙂

On a completely unrelated note, tonight Mike and I randomly decided to go for a walk since it was beautiful outside.  We ended up stopping for dinner at a little BBQ place named Roro’s half a mile from our apartment.  We’ve meant to stop there before, and never got around to it.  It has LOADS of character in the way only a tiny, local BBQ place can have, and Mike really liked their food.

On the way back, we decided to go up to the roof and check on our little garden.  I’m SO glad we did!  Things are GROWING!  I’m excited.  I’ve never actually planted anything that grew before.  At least not anything that actually stayed alive.  It’s very exciting.  The half of the plot closest to the camera is ours, and our rosemary tree is the one on the left.  All of the little green things you see are things Mike and I planted from seeds.  How crazy that something as minuscule as a kale seed has actually resulted in real life kale!  Crazy!!  (Clearly I’m new to this whole gardening thing.)  🙂

Mike got a kick out of how psyched I was about the garden's progress

Mike got a kick out of how psyched I was about the garden’s progress

And a better picture from Mike’s phone…

Lettuce, kale, garlic, and a rosemary tree!

Lettuce, kale, garlic, and a rosemary tree!

And, as a final note, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of the wonderful mother’s out there!  We all need you and love you so much!  🙂



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2 responses to “Random thoughts with little rhyme or reason to them

  1. Lia K

    I love the song you posted by Armin VanBuuren! Thanks for introducing me to his music–“balm for the mind” indeed. Is his stuff considered transe? I didn’t know transe could include melodic vocals like that, the sound is kinda similar to Coldplay. Fun video though. Looks like it’s possible it was filmed near Red Rock here in Las Vegas. Often times I see camera crews setting up when I’m out there for a hike.
    Your little garden looks totally amazing! You mention lettuce and kale growing in there but my keen eye spotted some arugula too. My all-time fave green! I’m inviting myself over for dinner, ok?;)

  2. Armin VanBuuren stuff is definitely trance… he’s actually been named the #1 Trance DJ (or some title like that) for the past several years and his weekly podcast is called “The State of Trance”. Trance can have vocals, but it doesn’t have to. It’s more about the flowing electro style of the beat, and the repetition of the measures. So glad you liked the song!

    I DO have arugula in my garden… you have sharp eyes! My favorite green too, so obviously I had to plant some. You can come over for dinner ANYTIME!! 🙂

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