It’s very interesting how different people’s perspectives can be.

One night last week Mike was talking about buying a ‘plum bob’ for work.  I made fun of him, because that’s a ridiculous word and it doesn’t seem real.  To prove his point, he showed me his Lowe’s receipt.  Sure enough, there it was: ‘plumb bob’.

“Oh,” I said.  “I thought it was spelled like the fruit.”

Mike looked at the receipt and then looked back at me.  “It is.”

“No.  The fruit plum doesn’t have a ‘b’ on the end.  That plumb bob thing is spelled like ‘plumbing’ but not like the fruit ‘plum’.

Mike was doubtful but fortunately I had just bought black plums that day at Whole Foods, so I pulled out my receipt to prove my point.

“No way,” Mike said.  “There’s no way you bought plums today.”

“Yes way,” I replied and held out my receipt for verification.

So there we were.

“plumb bob” and “plum, black org”.

How coincidental that we both made plum(b) purchases on the same day.  It’s pretty indicative of our respective personalities and interests that Mike bought some piece of hardware equipment from Lowe’s and I bought some organic fruit.  Actually the plumb/plum difference might summarize our difference in interests surprisingly well.

On Wednesday Mike and I bought a portable air conditioner.  The weather was slated to get up to 90 degrees the following week, and it’s typically 10 degrees hotter in our apartment than it is outside since we can’t get a breeze through.  Mike did lots of research, picked one out, and did a bunch of cutting, sawing, fitting, and screwing and ended up with a very professional-looking installation.  And given that it hit 90 degrees yesterday and today, it’s definitely paying off!  🙂  Piper isn’t very happy with it because it’s big and makes noies and makes the apartment cold.  We aren’t even keeping the air conditioner on really high, but she LOVES as much heat as she can get!  She definitely chases the sunshine around the apartment now to catch what warmth she can.  😉

Piper chasing the sun

Piper chasing the sun

And a second picture (just because she’s so CUTE!)

Piper in the sun!

Piper in the sun!

On Thursday I went to the farmer’s market today and ended up with kale, a head of lettuce, some mixed spicy salad greens, and some garlic.  In retrospect, I’m actually growing garlic that I need to pick soon, so I really didn’t need to buy garlic.  Oops.  I guess Mike and I will be eating a lot of garlic for the next few weeks.  I already finished all of the lettuce, kale, and salad greens.  I’m definitely in spring salad mode!  I wasn’t planning to sign up for the summer CSA (community supported agriculture group where I get a box of produce each week from a local farm), mostly because now that I’m taking the bus home I didn’t want to mess with carrying the box of produce home on the bus.  HOWEVER, I discovered that they have a pickup location reasonably near to Mike’s and my apartment so I ended up giving in and signing up.  I love having fresh organic produce every week, I love supporting local farmers, and I love being given things that I would never think to buy myself (i.e. cabbage, radishes, and beets).  I get my first delivery tomorrow… I’m excited!  🙂

Sunday night Mike and I went over to a friend’s house.  She had several friends over and she grilled out.  I asked if I could bring anything, and she suggested an appetizer.  I’ll be honest… I don’t know a lot about appetizers, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to bring.  I thought about it and decided on hummus.  Hummus is always good (right??) and I figured that hummus is also something that’s cold so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping it warm on the drive over.  I found a recipe on Whole Food’s website that had walnuts instead of sesame seeds, which I thought sounded interesting and extra healthy with all of the omega-3’s in the walnuts.  The recipe was pretty straightforward, but it called for putting everything in a food processor, which I didn’t have.  I asked Mike the difference between a food processor and a blender, and he just shrugged.  I decided to give it a shot in my blender.

PLEASE if anyone is ever considering making hummus using a blender, DON’T!  It was kind of a long miserable experience.  Hummus is really too thick for a blender.  There was liquid in the hummus (olive oil and lemon juice), so I assumed making it in the blender would be fine.  But there really wasn’t enough liquid for the blender to be effective.  I am in no way an expert on the difference between blenders and food processors, but I now realize that blender blades are specifically shaped to draw liquid (note the use of the work ‘LIQUID’) down to the blades through the center and push already-processed liquid (again, we are talking about LIQUID here!) up along the sides of the blender pitcher.  Well, if you have something that is more of a SOLID than a LIQUID, the shape of the blender blades aren’t able to do what they’re supposed to do.  What does this mean?  Practically, this means that if you turn on the blender the half inch of hummus ingredients in contact with the blades will get blended like crazy but won’t get pushed up and away from the blades.  So basically you end up with half an inch of well-blended hummus and about 8 inches of hummus ingredients.  I got the job done, but it wasn’t pretty and I had to open the blender and move already processed hummus away from the blades and new hummus ingredients into the path of the blade every five seconds.  Sadly, five seconds is not an exaggeration.  If anyone asks me the difference between a blender and a food processor, I’ll now be able to say that a blender can’t make hummus and a food processor can.  End of story.  Lia assures me that a Vitamix is the answer and acts as a food processor, a blender, AND a juicer!  Vitamixes are so expensive but if I think of it as three kitchen appliances the price seems better, right??  🙂  I think I’ll wait for a sale!

Anyway, my hard work payed off with the hummus because it went over well at the grill-out.  I brought baby carrots and whole wheat crackers for dipping, and everyone enjoyed it, even Mike (although I had to specifically call it a ‘dip’ to Mike rather than calling it ‘hummus’ to get him to eat it.  Mike decided about five years ago that hummus was weird and kind of disgusting so he won’t eat things called ‘hummus’.  However, he’ll eat things that are hummus but are called ‘dips’.  A rose by any other name would apparently smell very differently.  🙂

Over the weekend Mike did a bunch of small routine maintenance for our car (a car wash, air in the tires, etc).  We were at the self-serve car wash for a long time as Mike fed quarters into the machine and kept washing and re-washing our car.

Mike going crazy with the water host

Mike going crazy with the water hose

We only left when Mike was convinced there weren’t any more quarters hidden deep in my purse.  I think Mike thinks it’s bad luck to drive away from a car wash with quarters still in his possession.  😉

I hope everyone has a great week!  🙂



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4 responses to “Plum(b)s

  1. Karen Homer

    I discovered when Mike was a teenager that he will eat garlic dip made with cottage cheese if he doesn’t recognize the cottage cheese in it.

    • That’s so funny because he still doesn’t like the idea of cottage cheese! Whenever I make lasagna he wants me to make it with ricotta instead of cottage cheese (which I what I traditionally used). 🙂

  2. Lia K

    So funny, I just had a similar plum(b) conversation with my mom a few months ago…I’m a terrible speller and I was writing out the grocery list. I wrote “plum” but for some reason it didn’t look right and so I added the ‘b’ recalling that the word “plumber” had a silent letter. My mom thought it was cute but I was just confuzzled.;)
    A VitaMix can certainly juice fruits and veggies but it’s not exactly the same as a real juicer that pulls all the fiber out. It does make really good smoothies though! Here’s the recipe I have for the hummus, er…DIP, using the VitaMix : The tamper helps push the ingredients down so that the blades can chop everything quite evenly. I have not made this recipe before but I’m looking forward to trying it. I’ll email you the hummus recipe I typically make. Looking forward to seeing how it compares with the food processor next time!

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