The Mock-up Monster

So how is my CSA produce consumption going?  I’m glad you asked.  🙂  It’s actually going really well.

Except that I have discovered that I can’t stand beets.  Even beets roasted in olive oil, fresh rosemary, and lemon zest (courtesy of this recipe).  They taste terrible.  Something like a cross between a potato in texture and a gummi bear in taste.  Epically awful.  And this is coming from someone who loves vegetables.  After tasting the beets I was ready to throw them away, but Mike shockingly said he liked them.  He said he’d far rather have those than raw tomatoes (he said this as I was eating a raw tomato).  What is wrong with that man??  I LOVE raw tomatoes.  However, I’m taking advantage of his affinity for all root vegetables.  He’ll definitely be getting a side of roasted beets with dinner for the next two nights.  🙂  Aside from the beets, the produce consumption has been going well.  I have a little garlic, broccoli, fennel, and kohlrabi left, but I’m planning to finish all of that up tonight.  Which is good, because I picked up a new box of produce today.  No beets in this box though.  Whew!  🙂

The weather here has continued to be pretty warm.  It was 85 degrees today.  I’ve noticed that it’s always especially hot on Tuesdays when I have to carry the CSA produce home.  Coincidence or Murphy’s Law?  However, I am SO glad that Mike and I bought a portable air conditioner!  We’ve been having so many hot days that would have been just stifling in our small apartment without it!  As it is, we’re able to sleep comfortably without feeling drenched in sweat.  It’s so amazing!  What did people do before air conditioning??  (Answer: They probably lived in houses designed to get cross-breezes going through them and didn’t live in small apartments with a single window facing away from any breeze).

I took Piper to the vet last Friday to get her checked out after a week on the antibiotics, and everything looks good!  So now she doesn’t have to take medicine (so she’s happy) and I don’t have to chase her down every morning and evening to give her medicine (so I’m happy).  The vet was also super helpful and recommended some special food that should help her keep from getting UTI’s in the future.  It’s a little expensive, but after having just replaced the comforter and sheets because she peed multiple times on the bed, the extra 50 cents for a can of cat food doesn’t seem so bad.  While I was at the vet waiting for the vet to return to the exam room with Piper, a cat who lives at the clinic wandered in, rubbed briefly at my ankles, and then jumped up on the counter and started licking water from the exam room faucet.

Tasty water.  Apparently.

Tasty water. Apparently.

I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about that.  I mean, does the vet count on the water coming out of that faucet being sterile or anything??  Probably not, but my knowledge of veterinary science borders on non-existent.  My concerns notwithstanding, there was a (significant) part of me that thought the incident was funny and amusing so I petted the cat and then snapped his picture rather than shooing him off.

In other news, Mike has turned into a mock-up monster.  🙂  We’re trying to determine what size TV to get, where pictures should be hung on the walls, how big a clock we should have, etc, and one of Mike’s friends at work suggested he “mock up” a TV so that we can see which size TV would be the best for us.  Mike latched onto this idea with the ferocity that only an engineer with a ‘measure four times and cut once’ mentality can do.  So Mike has been cutting huge pieces of cardboard in the shape and size of various TVs, pictures, and clocks.  He then tapes them to the walls so we can get a feel for where we want things located.  His mock-ups have been getting progressively more advanced to the point that he’s now done a few 3D mock-ups.  Yesterday when trying to figure out if a hook was strong enough to hold up a picture, he “mocked up” the setup by attaching the hook to a piece of cardboard and then hanging the picture from the piece of cardboard.  Mocking up sounds so boring that my eyelids start to droop just thinking about it.  In my mind, the only thing worse than spending the time to hang a real picture is spending time hanging a fake picture.  But I think Mike actually enjoys the mocking up process as much as (or more than!) the real thing.  🙂

Unfortunately for me, all this mocking up means that there are large pieces of cardboard scattered around the apartment, creating a very warehouse-y feel.  Fortunately for Piper all this mocking up means that there are large pieces of cardboard scattered around the apartment.  🙂  She loves crawling in and among the boxes, and she has made a little home inside of the mock-up TV.

Piper next to the mock TV

Piper next to the mock TV and assorted other cardboard

I can’t imagine how disappointed she’s going to be when we finally get a real one and the cardboard one goes away.  Or maybe we’ll just skip getting the TV entirely.  TV’s are expensive and Piper’s perfectly happy with the mock-up one we already have.  I told Mike we should have a show playing on our TV even though it was only a mock-up TV, so Mike drew a picture of a scarily large cat on the ‘screen’ that looked like a cross between a cat and a werewolf.  Definitely not the kind of creature you’d want to run into in a dark alley.  Based on what I remember of network TV, it might be more entertaining to find out the storyline behind Mike’s monster cat than it would be watching actual TV.  🙂

Saturday morning I got up and early and worked out, did laundry, did dishes, cleaned Piper’s litterbox, and cleaned the bathroom floor.  I felt ULTRA productive!  I also got my paperwork together to get my name changed on my passport.  That actually requires you to send your passport away and then wait for them to send you a new one.  It’s strange.  I went most of my life without a passport and I don’t have any international trips coming up, so I definitely don’t need a passport, but there was definitely still a twinge of something when I put it in the mailing envelope and shipped it away.  The same kind of twinge you feel when you think you may have left your phone somewhere.  Or your wallet.  Or your purse.  That ‘I think I lost something important’ feeling.  It’s been several days, though, so now I’ve gotten over that.

Even though it’s been in the 80’s, I’ve typically been freezing at work.  I’ve discovered that all commercial businesses over-compensate with air conditioning, and it’s usually colder inside in the summer than it is in the winter.  Because of that, walking to get some lunch today and walking home after work just felt SO good.  Everything was hot and breezy and it gave my cold fingers and toes a chance to thaw out.  🙂

Tonight when I got home from work, I hurried to get the CSA produce in the fridge and then I rushed out the door for yoga.  I got there with exactly two minutes to spare.  When I got home an hour and a half later Mike had hung our new clock on the wall.  It looks wonderful!  Apparently all that mocking up really worked (the clock was even one of the things that warranted a 3D mockup)!

Mike hung our new clock!

Mike hung our new clock!

I love the new clock.  The pendulum swings back and forth which lends a little movement to the room.  It’s strange, but I feel like it adds that ‘zen’ feeling that having a little waterfall or something would give.  It’s a constant, consistent background motion that gives the room a calm atmosphere.  Mike and I did have different opinions over whether we wanted a clock with a soundless pendulum or one that made noise.  However we discussed it and reached a compromise (hopefully that’s the hardest compromise we have to make in our marriage, right?  🙂 ) and our new clock has a noiseless pendulum.

Mike was going to go street shooting (taking pictures) with a couple friends at a motorcycle event tomorrow, but one of the guys had to cancel, so they’re going to go next month instead.  Apparently this motorcycle event is a weekly occurrence.

This weekend we’re going to the birthday party of one of Mike’s friends’ wives.  We’ve hung out with them before, and they’re really nice.  We’re looking forward to the party!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!


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  1. Karen Homer

    You’re smart to get your passport updated before you need it, given that you changed both your first and last names. I remember when my father tried to get a passport. His first name was different on this birth certificate than it was on his driver’s license. His name was Gerard, but the name on his birth certificate was Gerald, probably a typo that he never worried about because how often as an adult do you need your birth certificate? Anyway, they wouldn’t renew it until he got like 3 sworn statements from people saying his name was Gerard and he had always been known as Gerard, and had to produce a bunch of other documentation. It took a long time to resolve, and this was before 9-11.

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