Harboring a fugitive & the worst picture in the world

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday!  This week has flown by!

I did a lot of cooking/veggie preparing last weekend, because I had more veggies coming so it was time that the current veggies were used up!  This week the produce contained lots of beans (green, purple, and yellow wax) and several summer squash/zucchini.  I remember last year having to throw out beans and squash that didn’t get eaten in time so I definitely didn’t want to let that happen this year!  Saturday morning I snapped all of the beans and washed and diced the summer squash.  Then, when Mike woke up I made him Zucchini with Eggs for breakfast.  I expected some pushback from him at having greenery in his morning scrambled eggs, but surprisingly he didn’t say a word and ate the whole thing.  I don’t know if that’s because he’s trying to eat more veggies or because it actually tasted good to him.  🙂  I added garlic powder and Italian seasoning to give it a little more of a kick, so hopefully that helped.  I also made myself Tomato Green Bean Soup for lunch.  I made it last year when I got overwhelmed with green beans, and it’s really good!  Also in an effort to use up green and yellow beans I dragged out the slow cooker and started a chicken stew going.  I actually changed this recipe quite a bit.  I only had un-condensed cream of mushroom soup, so instead of using that I used two boxes of cream of chicken condensed soup.  I also liberally added dried minced onion and garlic powder.  In addition, since I have SO many beans, I cut down on the amount of carrots and potatoes and added in about a cup and a half of a green and yellow wax been mix.  Also I didn’t have garlic salt, so I left that out since I figured the garlic powder and all of the salt in the cream of chicken soup would take care of the garlic salt flavor.

In other fun news, this coming Monday is Mike’s and my 8 year dating anniversary.  Although people may think dating anniversaries don’t matter once you’re married, I love having more things to celebrate, so I’m definitely keeping track of the dating anniversaries too!  One year ago this Monday Mike suggested we get married and told me had a ring upstairs in his apartment but he’d forgotten to bring it with him.  Ah, Mike.  🙂

In celebration of our eight-year dating anniversary we’re taking a trip to the zoo on Saturday.  This is not as exotic as it seems given that we live literally half a mile from the zoo, so we can go whenever we want.  But we don’t.  We’ve only actually been there once and it was before Mike got really into photography and got a nice camera.  Also, it was kind of chilly the day we went last time and a lot of the animals seemed to be hibernating, particularly the snow leopards and mountain goats, both of which I wanted to see.  So this time the weather should be sunnier and we’re planning on both taking cameras and getting lots of cool pictures of all of the animals.  Mike and I just love animals, so it will be a fun anniversary trip.  🙂

Speaking of animals, I got this flyer in the mail today.

Are you harboring a fugitive?

Are you harboring a fugitive?

My initial thought was No.  I was most definitely not harboring a fugitive.  Certainly not one of those two psyched out fugitives anyway.  But then I read the back of the flyer.  Make your pet legal.  GET ‘EM LICENSED!

Hmm.  Maybe I was harboring a fugitive.

Kinda looks like a fugitive...

Kinda looks like a fugitive… Piper do you have a license?

I asked Piper about it, but she remained cagey and untalkative… very unlike her.  I wonder…

I’ve also been continuing to make lots of smoothies, most of them green, but some of them more fruit-based.  The one below is one of my very green concoctions.

The beginnings of a very green smoothie

The beginnings of a very green smoothie

Mike warned me that my smoothies are getting darker and darker and are “starting to resemble swamp water.  And not in a good way.”

I wasn’t really aware there was a “good way” to resemble swamp water, but apparently there is and I’m just not achieving it.  This morning, however, I had a cantalope spinach smoothie with almond milk, a third of a banana, and some fresh ginger that was a delicate pale green and looked nothing like swamp water.  So not all of my smoothies resemble something from the Black Lagoon.  🙂

The weather has been so nice this week that I’ve typically been walking up to Whole Foods over lunch to get lunch there.  It’s not a long walk (about ten minutes) which is a nice mid-day break.  However, it’s a long enough walk that it’s still not something I feel like doing in the winter when it’s cold and rainy!

Despite the name of this blog, I have been doing surprisingly little running these days.  The weather has been amazing for it, but I’ve usually just been going for a long run sometime during the weekend and a short run sometime during the week.  I think I was ready to take a running break after the two half marathons in May and June.  And I think I’ve been more focused on yoga lately, especially since I just got a membership to a yoga studio close by.  It takes me longer to walk to this studio than it did to my old one, but since I’m talking about an 11 minute walk instead of a six minute walk it’s pretty negligible.  When I lived in Michigan I actually drove half an hour to get to my yoga studio so an 11 minute walk doesn’t register as being at all difficult.  🙂  To get to yoga, one thing I have to do is cross a cement footbridge over I-99.  Can you see the Seattle skyline off in the distance on the left?  It’s a beautiful walk to yoga, although this picture is from my iPhone and really doesn’t show it.

Looking down at I-99

Looking down I-99

I usually get to yoga exactly on time and collapse on my mat sweaty, slightly breathless, and hot (particularly since it’s been in the 80’s lately) and in direct contrast to the other yogis who are peacefully sitting cross-legged on their mats and don’t look as though they’ve ever sweated.  Apparently I’m the only one who has trouble getting there on time after work.  Last Tuesday I got to yoga two minutes before it started and I felt like I had SO MUCH time.

In other news, I’m becoming extremely resourceful.  I don’t know whether this is a result of age finally bringing experience or whether it’s due to poor planning that necessitates resourcefulness, but either way I’m becoming resourceful.  On Sunday I noticed that my bathroom sink smelled kind of rotten down near the drain hole.  I didn’t have any bleach, which I suspected was the proper way to kill whatever might be living down there, but I had draino which I had to believe was at least as potent.  I poured a quarter of a bottle down the drain and felt pretty pleased with myself.  Two days later after the draino smell had completely disappeared I noticed that the sink still had the same smell.  Upon closer nasal inspection the smell was coming specifically from that small round drain hole in the front of the sink (which I guess is to stop overflow if you accidentally leave the sink on with the drain plugged although, really, who does that??).  I craned my neck in there and saw what looked like some spots of mildew.  Aha!  I sprayed Tilex liberally into the hole and now there is no weird smell anymore.  I felt unreasonably happy about that accomplishment.

Mike has been playing his electric guitar a lot more lately.  I like hearing him pluck away at it.  We went to Guitar Center over the weekend so that he could look at electric guitars and amps and stuff and he enjoyed wandering around looking at all of the music equipment.  Guitar Center for Mike is like Whole Foods or PCC for me… he can just wander in there with no set thing he wants to purchase and just enjoy looking.  Speaking of PCC, Seattle Weekly just published their ‘Best of Seattle 2013’ list, and I got a huge kick out of it that the Fremont PCC natural foods store (the one I go to all the time) was named the best place in Seattle to meet single women.  If all of the women in Seattle are like me, I can believe that’s true… it’s definitely one of my ‘happy places’.  🙂

And speaking of happy places, here is one of Piper’s.

Piper waiting under the entry bench for her before-bed snack

Piper waiting under the entry bench for her before-bed snack

Right under the entryway bench about three feet from her food dish.  She knows that I give her a little dry kibble to crunch on right before I go to bed, so when she sees me start to get ready for bed she crouches under the entryway bench waiting for her dry kibble.  I love this picture.  Mike and I have the cutest cat.  🙂

Every time I think that nothing has happened and I won’t have anything to write about on my blog (like this week), something comes up.  I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

However, happily (or rather unhappily I guess), my new passport came in the mail today.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.

I have never seen a worse picture, (passport or non-passport) of anyone.  Ever.  I would be incredibly embarrassed that it was a picture of me, except that it looks so bad that I could probably say it’s actually a picture of my grandfather (no, not my grandmother… my grandfather).  Immediately scenarios started swirling through my head.

I was at customs in England with Mike.  We were trying to get into the country.  The man at the booth didn’t look up as I approached and thus saw my passport photo before he saw me.  His face visibly blanched and he anxiously raised his eyes to my face.  At first he registered relief: I didn’t look as bad as the picture.  Then his face registered suspicion.

This isn’t your picture.

It is actually.  Unfortunately.

But this person’s skin is orange.

Um, yeah, I know.

Your skin isn’t.

Uh, yeah.  Would you believe I’d had a bad day at the tanning salon right before that picture was taken?


A bad week at the tanning salon?

<He glanced at the photo again shaking his head in disbelief.>  Maybe.  But this skin is pretty orange.  This person looks like an oompa loompa.  Actually the skin is so orange it’s kind of blinding.  Hard to make out the facial features.

Well, if it’s hard to make out the facial features, how do you know it’s not me?  <By this time a huge line would be building up behind Mike and me and everyone would be able to overhear the conversation.>

I can’t let you into Heathrow Airport looking normal when your picture looks like an oompa loompa.  This could be a fake passport.

If I had made myself a fake passport, I guarantee you I would have given myself a more flattering picture.  And one less likely to attract attention.

<The guard was ignoring me and calling over to the guy in the next booth, thus starting to hold up that line as well.  In addition, the shouting was loud enough for everyone in customs to hear and unlike in Italy since they were speaking my language so I wouldn’t be spared the embarrassment of understanding every word they said.>  Hey Charlie, what do we do in cases where the person’s skin is a different color than the color in the passport picture?

You mean like a really dark tan or something?

No, like a whole different color.

What, you mean like white to black?

No, I mean like white to orange.

Orange?  What are you talking about?  That woman standing there isn’t orange!

No, but her passport picture is… as orange as a… well, I’ve never actually seen anything this orange.  The person in this photo could be the poster child for the entire color orange.

At this point, even my active imagination became too embarrassed to continue and gave up.

We’ll see how it goes in Heathrow next year.  😉

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!  If you don’t have anything else planned, I would suggest a trip to the zoo!  😉


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