The zoo and definitely not “the world’s cutest dog”

There’s a ‘for-sale’ list of ads at work where employees can post things they want to sell.  I noticed that there was an ad today for a children’s book titled “The World’s Cutest Dog”.  I always click on things with titles that contain “cutest” in them… “cute” is one of the words Mike and I disagree on.  I think it should be used all the time and the thinks it should be used never.  But anyway, I clicked on the link and was horrified to see a dog that looked half like a cartoon and half real.  And he had a head of hair so big he looked like the stereotypical alien with the huge head.  Someone please tell me what is cute about that dog!!!  There was also a link in the ad to a plush dog that accompanied the book.  I clicked on that, hoping for something cute.  I mean, all stuffed animals are cute, right?  It was cut-ER, but definitely not CUTE.  The animal has a somewhat disconcerting look in its eyes that left me feeling an aversion to dogs I’ve never felt before.  Maybe Mike’s right about the word ‘cute’.

Fortunately Zoe was in the office on Friday so I was able to get a REAL “cute dog” fix.

Thank you Zoe for being a truly cute dog

Thank you Zoe for being a truly cute dog

This weekend Mike and I had a fun trip to the zoo!  And you are all lucky, because with all of the great zoo animal pictures I have, I won’t be showing any pictures of Piper today.  (I think everyone’s probably seen plenty of pictures of Piper, but somehow I keep on posting…)

Here's an elephant with a curly trunk instead of another picture of Piper

Here’s an elephant with a curly trunk instead of another picture of Piper

Last Saturday morning I woke up early.  Not by choice either.  By a small black cat who can mew insanely loudly given her small size.  Mike has mastered the art of sleeping through her mews, but I have not.  I dragged myself out of bed and fed her.  Then I checked my camera to make sure it was zoo-ready, but Mike had already taken the battery out the night before to charge it.  Super nice of him!

While Mike was sleeping I chopped up all of the CSA produce for the week which included but was not limited to two small heads of cauliflower, several stalks of broccoli, a bag of green beans, and six zucchini.  I did very well with produce last week!  🙂

Then when Mike got up, we got ready to go to the zoo.  We drove there and drove through four zoo parking lots, all of which were full, so we ended up parking on the street.  Honestly we could have walked there more quickly, but since we knew we’d be doing a lot of walking at the zoo it probably still made more sense to drive.

We saw lots of cool animals.  Some of my favorites:

Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

This guy was pretty adorable.  All the monkeys have such expressive faces!

I think the gorilla is just as interested in watching us as we are in watching him

I think the gorilla is just as interested in watching us as we are in watching him

We also got to see a lot of baby/adolescent animals because lion cubs were born at the zoo last fall, Jaguar cubs were born a couple weeks before our visit, and a baby giraffe was born just days before we visited.  We only caught glimpses of the baby giraffe through the doorway of the giraffe barn, but at only a few days old he was still significantly taller than Mike and me!

The baby giraffe's aunt, according to the zoo guides

The baby giraffe’s aunt, according to the zoo guides.  She looks like a proud aunt!  🙂


Baby jaguars wrestling

Baby jaguars wrestling

For some reason I also loved this picture Mike took of one of the meerkats.

He looks like he's staring off beyond the sunset.

He looks like he’s staring off beyond the sunset.  Except this was around 1pm so there isn’t actually a sunset for him to look beyond.

We wandered around the zoo for about four hours until we were satisfied that we’d seen everything that we could see.  I was a little disappointed because the new small-clawed baby otter was still with his mother in some other building, so we didn’t get to see him.  I love otters!

This lion cub doesn't look very friendly...

This lion cub doesn’t look very friendly…

Interestingly, I felt like fully a quarter of the animals we saw looked like they came out of Dr. Seuss books.

Is it just me, or does he look like a creature from Dr. Seuss?

Is it just me, or does he look like a creature from Dr. Seuss?  (Incidentally, he’s eating, that’s why his tongue is all weird.  I seemed to be good at catching animals mid-bite.)

Anyway, the trip was a lot of fun!

Speaking of animals, a few nights ago Piper got really confused.

It all started very innocently.  Mike wanted to see how big a voltage drop occurred in our power when our portable air conditioner turned on.  (We suspected there was at least some drop because the lights dimmed a little when the air conditioner came on.)  Mike got a setup going with his DMM and set it in the mode to capture max and min readings and then periodically turned the air conditioner on and off.  Every time the DMM took a max or min reading, it beeped.  This resulted in a beep every couple of minutes.  I didn’t mind the beeps at all, but Piper became fascinated with them.  I think she thought they belonged to a little mouse over in that area because they were pretty high-pitched.  She staked out that corner of the living room and sat very still, her tail slightly switching back and forth as she waited.  She ignored her dinner and her litterbox and just waited.  Mike and I went down to the workout room and came back up twenty-five minutes later to find her still sitting in exactly the same position.  Hmm.  She was obviously still waiting for something.  Very likely waiting for the mouse that beeps.  I carried her over to her dinner dish, and so she finally ate a little dinner and used her litterbox, but then she went back to her spot in the living room and sat silent, still, and very watchful.  She didn’t eat most of her dinner, and it was clear she was holding out on catching some dinner for herself.  I felt bad that regardless of how patient she was, that beeping mouse she was hoping for was never going to appear.  It wasn’t until the next morning that she seemed to have finally accepted that there was no mouse there to catch.  Poor Piper!

Last night Mike and I had an interesting experience folding laundry.  Well, actually it was Mike’s first time folding laundry (apparently), so it was very interesting for me.  I’m not sure it was interesting to Mike.

He started by picking up one of my pairs of jeans gingerly.

“I can’t fold these jeans.  They’re different.”

“How so?”

“They’re not mine.”

“And that makes them hard to fold?”

“It means I don’t know what to do with them.  Do they need to be ironed?”

“Um… no.  They’re jeans.  You don’t iron denim.”

“Do these actually get folded or do they go on a hanger or something?”

“It’s not a dress; it’s a pair of jeans.  Fold it up and move on to the next thing.”

Mike reluctantly bunched the jeans up and moved on to something else.  He folded one of his Tshirts with relatively little difficulty and then discovered the sock pile.  After close examination he announced,

“I don’t think any of these socks match.”

“They do.  They all came from the same laundry load.  Those two in your hand match.”

“No, one’s shorter than the other.”

“That’s because one is a little stretched out.  They’re actually a pair.”

“Are you sure?  They’re different colors.”

“They’re both black.”

“But they’re different shades of black.”

I decided to pair up all of the socks myself so we could finish faster so I handed Mike a pile of towels.  I knew I could finish pairing up the socks in the time it took him to put those away.

“These go in the bathroom cupboard.”

Mike didn’t move.  “I don’t know where that is.”

“Yes you do.  You take these towels out of the cupboard when you shower.  Just put them in the same place you look for them when you’re getting a towel before a shower.”

“There’s multiple cupboards in the bathroom… which one are you talking about?”

“Mike… it doesn’t matter.  There isn’t a right or a wrong answer to this.  Except maybe if you put the towels in the kitchen cupboard, that could be considered ‘wrong’ I guess.”

“I think I need an easier job than putting the towels away.”

Like I said, it was an interesting experience.  🙂

A couple nights ago Mike and I went to Roro’s BBQ for dinner.  It was seriously the most relaxing place we’ve been in a long time.  It’s only a couple blocks from our apartment so we’d been there before, but I guess last night we were in the mood to sit in a tiny restaurant, smell BBQ sauce and roasted pulled pork, and listen to old-school country.  And by old-school country, I mean like Hank Williams not like Randy Travis.  Every song was based around a pedal steel guitar, and all of the singers scooped their notes.

Last night Mike and I went to a BBQ at a friend’s house.  It’s a friend who likes to do things spur-of-the-moment, so he just invited us yesterday.  I appreciate being spur-of-the-moment, but honestly it bothered me that I didn’t have enough notice to make a dish to bring.  Mike and I stopped by PCC and picked up a side dish to bring, but I like making something if possible.  But at least I brought something… my mom taught me well, and I always have a little twinge when arriving at someone’s house empty-handed.  🙂  There were six people there including Mike and me, and it was a fun and relaxing evening.  We listened to music and talked a LOT.  For hours.  We didn’t end up leaving until midnight.  Our topics spanned everything from immigration issues to speculating on the amount of intelligence a sea anemone possesses.  Definitely a lot of fun!  🙂

This morning I need to chop up a lot of CSA produce.  This is the first week where I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by the amount of produce I’ve gotten.  Ten zucchini, sugar snap peas, regular peas, green beans, kohlrabi… there is a LOT of stuff!  We’ll see if I can actually get everything used up this week… it’s going to be difficult!

I hope everyone else is having a great start to their weekend!


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One response to “The zoo and definitely not “the world’s cutest dog”

  1. Lia K

    Great pictures from the zoo! Too bad the otters (including the new baby) were not available to be seen this visit. They are so much fun to watch! It’s my nieces’ and nephew’s favorite attraction at a zoo. I heard the Biodome in Montreal is not to be missed if you are a major lover of animals!
    Field trip anyone??
    Also, have you ever tried playing that LED cat n mouse pointer game with Piper? Some kitties love chasing after those things!
    P.S. I’m not tired of you posting pictures of Piper—she’s very photogenic and you can tell she’s got tons of personality behind those golden eyes.;)

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