Bed sets and packing paper

Here we are starting a new week already!  Mike and I had to skip P90X Thursday night because we had symphony tickets, but we have done it every other night this week.

Our general impressions are that this week was much easier than last week.  On Monday I was just wincing at the thought of pull-ups and push-ups for 50 minutes again, but it actually wasn’t as bad.  We had gotten the hang of doing modified versions of the moves where we needed to, and I was able to be more ambitious and do full push-ups for the first half of each set and then drop to my knees for the second half.  Mike was also able to complete the workout with fewer adjustments.  The pull-ups are still impossible without using a chair to support some of our weight, but even those went better this time and we were both able to do a few unmodified pull-ups.  We both got a kick out of the Heavy Pants exercise (which turned out to be nothing but a two-armed row, but I could totally see why you would name it heavy pants).  And we particularly got a kick out of the way the trainer Tony Horton yelled “HEAVY PANTS!!”  and ran for his weights.  Tony Horton is really funny.  Mike looked him up on Wikipedia and discovered that he was a comedian and a wanna-be actor before he turned personal trainer.  You can definitely see those roots in his workout videos… he’s very entertaining!  🙂

Tuesday we did plyometrics (i.e. interval/jump training), and Mike was more flexible than he was last week, so he was able to do the moves with better form.  Thus he was more sore afterward.  However, we generally viewed this as a good thing.  🙂  Since we knew we had symphony plans Thursday night and were going to skip P90X on Thursday, we took Thursday’s yoga workout and did that on Wednesday instead of the arms and shoulders workout.  This was Mike’s idea.  He is loving how much less tense his head, neck, and shoulders feel after the yoga sessions.  🙂  Friday night we did back and legs and, even though there were a lot more pull-ups than we remembered (didn’t Tony Horton get all of those out of his system in Monday’s workout??), the workout went pretty well.  Saturday, rather than do the kickboxing workout we did the arms and shoulders workout.  So basically, we switched workouts around a little this week and we ended up doing all the workouts this week except for the kickboxing one.

Thursday night I made up meatloaf and seasoned yukon potato wedges.  Mike really seemed to like it and had seconds.  He’s definitely a meat and potatoes person!  One day this week I’ll be making up a beef stew with root vegetables since that’s what he said he wanted.  He encouraged me to continue honing my skill in making beef stew though.  I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I suspect it means that I should make the same beef stew he knows and loves but with enough of a difference from the previous times that he doesn’t get bored with it.  I’ll see what I can do about that!  🙂

Poor Piper has another UTI.  She had an accident on our bed.  (Thank goodness for that wet-the-bed-proof mattress cover we got… that makes cleaning much easier!)  I took her to the vet last week, and she was not a happy camper!  They let me sit with her and pet her while they took the urine sample and the blood sample.  I comforted her as best I could and talked soothingly to her, but she was not a fan.  Poor thing!

Piper at the vet

Poor Piper at the vet!

At one point I soothingly told her I’d give her crunchy treats when we got home and she nearly wriggled free and jumped off the table.  The lab technicians laughed and said she must like crunchy treats.  Yes, she definitely does like crunchy treats.  It’s the funniest thing.  Her favorite canned food is a friskies kind called ‘mixed grill’.  One day a few weeks ago, I picked up some friskies crunchy treats from the pet store and I saw that they had a ‘mixed grill’ kind among others.  I figured it if was like the canned food, Piper would probably like it.  I bought a few other kinds as well.  Then when I went to give Piper a crunchy treat the next time I set all three treat bags on the floor and she walked right past “fishing for salmon” and “luau crunch” and went straight to the “mixed grill” bag.  They were all unopened, but Mike says she can probably smell residue on the bags and knows what’s inside each one.  Anyway, Piper LOVES her mixed grill crunch treats!  🙂

After blood tests, a urinalysis, and an x-ray (none of which Piper was a fan of), the vet still isn’t sure exactly what’s causing her recurring UTI’s.  It may just be weak kidneys.  Poor little thing!  I’m giving her antibiotics now and because UTI’s are a recurring problem for her, she has to be on them for 4-6 weeks.  She is NOT happy about that, but she seems to be getting a little more used to me giving her medication in the morning and evening.  I got pills for her this time, so at least she doesn’t have to taste them the way she did the liquid antibiotics.

A chair that Mike and I ordered from Target came last week and Mike put it together.  We were originally a little wary of ordering online because a couple reviews said that the chair didn’t even come with the legs and they had to return it.  When Mike and I opened the chair box, we didn’t see any legs either.  However, Mike picked up the directions for assembling the chair and quickly discovered that the legs were inside of the main chair body.  Ah.  🙂  So apparently if you order a chair and can’t locate the legs, take one of the following actions.  1) Read the directions.  2) Look inside the chair.

Mike put the chair together, and it seems nice.  It’s red, so it adds a nice spot of color to our otherwise very neutral, brownish living room.  Mike sat in it for half an hour Thursday night just looking around the room.  He said he’s not used to looking at our apartment from that position and it gives us the same view Piper always gets from her kitty condo (since the chair is now near the kitty condo).

Speaking of Piper, she loved all of the packing materials for the chair and did lots of investigating.

Is someone hiding in the packing paper??

Is someone hiding in the packing paper??

Saturday Mike and I were very busy.  Our bedroom furniture got delivered at 8am so we were up at 6:30 moving all of the old bedroom furniture out of the bedroom.  Then we vacuumed the whole room and finished just as the movers arrived.  The moved all the furniture in, and then we went to work transferring everything from our old chests to our new chests.  Then we rented a zip van and loaded all the furniture into the moving van and took it to Goodwill.

Mike enjoys driving zip vans

Mike enjoys driving zip vans

What Goodwill wouldn’t take (which was a boxspring), we took to the King County Dump.  That’s a weird place, by the way.  When you first drive in, you drive onto a giant scale and they weigh your vehicle.  Then they direct you to the dump.  Mike asked how we’d know where to dump our stuff and the woman at the entrance laughed.

“Just look for the giant mound of garbage,” she said.  “You can’t miss it.”

Indeed we couldn’t.  There was a giant hole in the ground with mounds of trash in it.  There were some bulldozers inside moving the garbage around.  Mike and I dumped our boxspring into the giant hole.   Weird.  Then we drove to the exit and got weighed again.  The dump charged us for the weight difference between our original weight and final weight (which since we only dumped a boxspring wasn’t much).

In other news, I am starting to do more reading now that the weather is getting colder and there’s less motivation to do outdoor activities.  If anyone else is interested in sharing book recommendations, sign up for and then add me (silvercross313) as a friend!  It’s free to join, and once you’re logged in you can add friends, create a list of books you want to read, review books, see what books your friends are reading, read reviews of books you think you might be interested, etc.  Anyway, it’s kind of fun.

So, what else have Mike and I been up to lately?  We have not been trying many new restaurants.  We were thinking about trying a new restaurant one night last week, but I texted Mike and suggested meatloaf at home instead.

He texted back “Yes.  It will taste good and we will save $$$.”

We’re definitely in save-money-in-other-areas mode since we just bought furniture.  🙂

Then I suggested going out to dinner tonight since we usually do on Fridays, but Mike said he wanted leftover meatloaf instead.  He definitely seems to be enjoying the meatloaf.  🙂

Last night Mike and I watched one of the Planet Earth shows: the Shallow Seas.  It was very interesting!  It contained footage of a huge hunting group of underwater snakes, which was chilling.  It also showed a red-and-white striped octopus, which I’d never seen anything like before.  Piper sat on our laps and really enjoyed the show as well.  Her eyes stayed fixed on the screen the entire time.  Halfway through the show, we paused it and Mike got up briefly.  Piper was mad at being displaced so she went to the other end of the couch, but still continued to watch with us.  🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  Mike and I are looking forward to P90X chest and back (i.e. push-ups and pull-ups) again tonight!  😉


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