The importance of the ‘e’ key

After having completed the first 30-day phase of P90X, Mike and I started the second phase this week.  It started with a new DVD that we hadn’t done before: chest, shoulders, and triceps.  It was very push-up heavy, but we didn’t mind too much since we can drop to our knees when it becomes too intense.  The trainer Tony Horton did some CRAZY push-ups in which as he pushed up from the floor, he got completely airborne (hands and feet off the ground!) and clapped his hands before landing on the floor again.  He did this repeatedly for 30 seconds and Mike and I were amazed.  I’ve never been able to do clap push-ups at all, and the thought of doing them while also getting your feet off the floor is just crazy!

Yesterday something seemed to get wedged under my ‘e’ key on my work laptop.  This resulted in my having to hit the ‘e’ key very deliberately from a very specific angle for it to press down correctly.  I never realized how much I count on the keys on my keyboard before.  I also never realized that the letter ‘e’ is in almost every word.  I read somewhere that it’s the most common letter in the English language and after yesterday I definitely believe it.  Th.  Thn.  A lot of those kinds of words were showing up in my emails yesterday.  I was reasonably frustrated, but apparently not enough to actually do anything about it because I didn’t do anything about it.  I think somehow I figured it would fix itself overnight.  (As an aside, this is a huge difference between Mike and me.  I tend to figure things will take care of themselves if given enough time.  And if they don’t, I’ll get used to not using them and not need them anymore.  Mike thinks things must be taken care of quickly and immediately.  Except for dishes actually.  Those I freak out about getting done while Mike has suggested covering the sink with a piece of plywood rather than washing the dishes.  I’m not sure he was joking.  But I digress.)

Anyway, this morning, my ‘e’ key was still sticky and not working well.  I limped along with it until about noon and then I got fed up and pried the key off the keyboard.  There was a giant piece of fluff in there that may or may not have been related to my black four-footed friend.  After I got that out, the key worked correctly again, and even as I type this I am very thankful for a fully functional keyboard.  Ah.  🙂  No more trying to think a couple words ahead and try to figure out if I’ll have to pound one of the letters to get the key to show up.  No more trying to come up with synonyms for common words that don’t contain the letter ‘e’.  You can only appreciate this if you’ve experienced it and typed ‘sadly’ in a work email rather than ‘regretfully’ because you are determined to get around using a word with two ‘e’s.

Our bedroom lamps came in the mail yesterday.  Mike is only moderately pleased with them.  He thinks they look great, but one the shades came bent because the packers jammed one of the shades inside the other side.  (I feel obligated to point out that we did NOT order the lamps from Amazon… they tend to be much better with packaging than most places.)  Mike’s going to call today and see about getting the shade exchanged.  In contrast to Mike’s disappointment, Piper was overjoyed by the box the lamps came in.  She had SO much fun messing with the box!

Piper's initial investigation

Piper’s initial investigation

Despite Mike and my efforts to get Piper’s head out of the box since there were styrofoam pieces and stuff in there, she persevered when we weren’t looking.

Piper continues the investigation...

Piper continues the investigation…

We didn’t know where she was until we saw that little tail sticking out of the box.  🙂  I tried to open the box and kick her out, but she wasn’t having any part of it.

Piper loving all the newspaper and styrofoam!

Piper loving all the newspaper and styrofoam!

Even though it’s Halloween and Mike and I were planning to go out tonight, we’re rethinking that.  It’s rainy and cold and we wouldn’t be able to head out until late since we need to do our P90X workout first.  So we’ll see if we actually end up going out or not.  Regardless, I have a little Halloween owl that I bought at FedEx so at least I’m being a little festive.  Normally I don’t impulse buy stuffed animals or else I’d probably have thousands of stuffed animals.  This little owl was just so adorable, though, that I couldn’t pass him up.  Mike was there to mail a package and he shook his head at me when I grabbed the owl.

“You’re buying that?”

“Yes… he’s so cute!”

“His eyes are crooked.”

“I know… it just makes him more lovable.”

“I mean really crooked.  Can’t you get one with straight eyes?”

“But I like him!”

“You like him because his eyes are crooked, don’t you?”

There was no way I was going to admit that this observation was likely 100% correct.

My Halloween owl and the bunny my dad gave me.  I think they're friends.

My crooked-eyed Halloween owl and the bunny my dad gave me. I think they’re friends.

Also, thanks to the CSA produce over the past several weeks, I now have one carving pumpkin, two sugar pie pumpkins (I have no idea what those actually are, but they are much smaller than the carving pumpkin), and an assortment of ornamental gourds.  I saw that someone on the second floor had put a couple pumpkins outside of their door, so I did the same thing with my assortment of pumpkins and gourds.

Our own personal indoor pumpkin patch

Our own personal indoor pumpkin patch

If some of those look heavy to carry a mile home from the CSA drop-off point, they were.  🙂  Mike laughed when I told him that the carving pumpkins and ornamental gourds are organic.  Only in Seattle do even non-edible vegetables need to be organic!  🙂

Speaking of the CSA, I haven’t been cooking as much lately.  I have cooked up some squash, but that’s about it.  The PCC organic grocery store by our house is under construction and is adding a hot foods bar, and Mike actually likes a lot of their food.  It’s also very reasonably priced, particularly for organic food.  So last night he had turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes from there.  Over the weekend he had beef chili from PCC and thought it was so good that I’m going to be making it this weekend.  (PCC actually posts most of their recipes on their website… I LOVE it!  They have some great recipes!)

In other interesting news, the I-522 initiative to require the labeling of genetically modified foods is up on the ballot in Washington!  Mike and I already voted, but I would encourage any Washingtonians to vote YES on I-522.  It doesn’t ban genetically modified foods, but will require them to be labeled so that consumers can make their own choices about whether or not to purchase them.  As an interesting aside, the state of Washington has NO POLLS.  ALL voting is done via mail-in ballot.  This is such a great idea and so much better than taking half a day off of work to stand in line at crowded polls. And it saves the state a lot of money since they don’t have to staff polls on election days.

The weather here which had been cool, crisp, and clear, has taken a turn towards cloudy.  And rainy.  It was raining last night and continues to rain this morning.  I actually like it.  It’s kind of a relaxing change.  The last several mornings I’ve walked from the bus stop to work in the light drizzle and the early darkness crunching my way through dry orange leaves.  I love it!  As part of getting to work from my bus stop I walk through the oldest park in the city, and it’s really relaxing hearing the tiny raindrops hitting the leaves of all of the big trees.

Does anyone have fun plans for Halloween?  🙂


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  1. Lia K

    Those pictures of Piper are fantastic! Also, cute organic indoor pumpkin patch…I LOVE all the festiveness of the Autumn season, brings to life all the senses!

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