A spider sighting after three years

The rain has started in Seattle!  In the ten-day forecast, there aren’t any days with a chance of rain less than 30%.  Also, since we just went off Daylight Savings Time over the weekend it’s crazy how dark it is!  Basically it starts to get dark at 4pm and by 5pm it’s just like night outside.  So strange!  It’s definitely putting me in a holiday frame of mind, though, since there have been all kinds of little cherry-picker machines across South Lake Union stringing lights on buildings and trees.  Everything looks so festive!  Probably prompted by this, I’m deciding what Mike and I should do about Thanksgiving.  I’m leaning towards getting a holiday meal from PCC grocery store, since it’s all organic and locally owned and since we’ve done Whole Foods the past three years and I think we’re ready for a change.

Along the PCC lines, although the election was on Tuesday ballots are still being counted so we don’t know whether the GMO labeling bill passed or not.  Right now they’re trailing 46% to 54%, though, so it’s looking like it probably won’t pass unless there are still a lot of uncounted ballots and all of the procrastinators are pro-GMO labeling.  I’m disappointed.

It’s so hard to believe we’re already into November and we’re looking towards the holiday season again!  Crazy!  This time last year Mike and I were busily getting stuff together to get married (we’ve been married almost a year already… crazy or what?  That sure went fast!).  Because of all of that, I didn’t even send out Christmas cards.  I’d like to send them out this year, but I should really get started on that soon.  I also calculated that Mike and I will finish the P90X 90-day workout plan on December 28.  Not exactly ideal.  It means that we’ll be doing P90X through the holidays (both Thanksgiving and Christmas) and when we hit the New Year which is when people traditionally start new fitness programs, we’ll be finishing up.  Oh well.  Mike and I have always marched to the tune of a slightly different drummer.  🙂  Mike is definitely getting in great shape due to P90X!  I can totally tell a difference in his physique.  He has slimmed down and gotten more muscular.  But he claims he can’t see a difference.  I wish I would have taken all his measurements before we started so that I could prove to him that there is a difference.  I honestly don’t see a huge difference in my physique, though.  My arms and shoulders are a little more toned, but nothing crazy.  I’m really starting to love the workouts though… they’re so balanced!  Chest and back one day.  Plyometric jump training the next day.  Arms and shoulders the next day.  Yoga the day after that.  Etc.  Plus it’s so much fun to have Mike as my workout buddy.  🙂

Because of the P90X program, Mike and I were ready for some heavier weights, so on Saturday we drove to South Center mall looking for a ‘Fitness Outlet’ store that was supposed to be over there.  We drove around for half an hour while Mike shook his head over my navigational abilities and I shook my head over the new native Apple maps app.  Eventually, though, we discovered that the app was directing me to the right place and I was directing Mike to the right place.  The Fitness Outlet had closed and been replaced by another store.  Well that explained a lot.  Sorry for my harsh words, Apple maps!  Because of our failure to go to Fitness Outlet, we ended up going to a brand new Dick’s Sporting Goods that just opened in Issaquah (about 15 miles east of Seattle).  We hadn’t been out to Issaquah before, but it was fun to get there!  We drove through tall mountains and hills and it felt like we were much farther from the city than we actually were.  At Dick’s we found exactly what we were looking for: heavier dumbells and a new resistance band.  On our way back, the sky looked stormy, but somehow it was partly sunny.  This resulted in a gorgeous rainbow (the full justice of which is not shown in this picture).

A rainbow!

A rainbow!

It even appeared to end approximately over our apartment.  How nice.  🙂  And as we got off the freeway, it looked even more gorgeous with the dark clouds behind it.

The rainbow amid storm clouds

The rainbow amid storm clouds

One day this week Mike told me had had a nightmare the night before.  I was instantly sympathetic.

“Oh no!  What happened?”

“I accidentally put regular gas in our car instead of premium.”

I waited.  “And?”

“And nothing.  That was the nightmare.  I was really glad to wake up.”

“You had a nightmare about putting the wrong kind of gas in our car?  Nothing about guys with guns or knives or anything?  How is that even categorized as a nightmare??”

“Because it was disconcerting.  How was I going to get all of that incorrect gas out of the car?  I could siphon most of it, but then what?  How would I get the residue out?”

“I don’t know.”

“Me neither.  That’s why I’m glad I woke up before I had to figure it out.”

So, there you have it.  Mike’s deepest, darkest fear: putting regular unleaded into a car that takes premium.  Although Mike didn’t specifically say it, I suspect a secondary aspect to his nightmare was the unleaded probably didn’t even come from a Shell station.

Yesterday I was emptying the trash in the bathroom and noticed that one of Mike’s pairs of jeans was wedged tightly inside a small red bucket that we keep around for washing the floors.  I had absolutely no explanation for why those jeans would be inside the bucket, so I went to find Mike.

“Mike, why is this pair of jeans in the bucket?”

“Oh.  Yeah.  I was going to give those to Goodwill.”

I waited, but Mike didn’t seem to have any other forthcoming information.

“And?  How did they end up in the bucket?”

“Well, I didn’t want to put them in the new dresser and I didn’t really have a place for them.  So…” Mike shrugged.

“So you wedged them in a cleaning bucket in the bathroom?”


“Because there was no better place for them?”


I will never fully understand the male mind.

Piper is fully recovered from her UTI but is still on antibiotics to make sure it’s fully eradicated.  She and I have developed a system now for her taking the pill.  I hold her chin up, pop her mouth open and pop the pill in.  Piper reciprocates by staying mostly still and only doing a minimal amount of mewing.  The pill is always instantly followed by her food, so she knows that if she cooperates quickly she can get her food quickly.  It’s a pretty good system.  It now only takes me about 10 seconds to give her a pill.  It used to take a couple of minutes, for reference.  There was one instance where I found her antibiotic pill on the floor after I gave it to her, and I had to give it to her again.  She has discovered that if she can trap the pill between her gum and her lip long enough for me to walk away she can spit it out.  Tricky, tricky cat!  She’s continuing to love our new red chair though.

Piper, why is your head upside down??

Piper, why is your head upside down??

This past weekend I made more beef stew.  I still had parsnips, potatoes, and carrots to use up.  I still do, actually, but now I have fewer to use up.  🙂  Speaking of which: I picked my 20th and last load of CSA produce on Tuesday!  Miraculously I picked up produce on 20 consecutive Tuesdays without getting rained on!  The odds of that happening in Seattle are probably astronomically low, but I somehow managed it.  I was pleasantly surprised to get more winter squash, a few potatoes, a bunch of radishes, and some russian kale and arugula this week.  I was less excited to see that there were three leeks and two bulbs of fennel.  I barely know what to do with one leek, much less three.  Ditto with the fennel, but fennel is even worse because it goes with so few things due to its anise/licorice flavor.  I’ll definitely be delving through some recipe books this weekend!

In other news, I killed a SPIDER in the kitchen this morning!  I only had a small light on so I wouldn’t wake Mike before his alarm went off, and I saw a dark smudge on the kitchen counter.  Despite three years of no spiders, I was instantly suspicious and on my guard.  I leaned in a little closer.  AAAAHHH!  It was a spider.  The first one in my apartment in three years.  I knew if I hesitated for a moment I would become too paralyzed by fear to do anything and I’d have to wake Mike up so I reacted quickly.  I grabbed a folded up paper towel sitting on the counter and attacked.  My attack was swift and deadly.  My aim was perfect.  Unfortunately my shock wore off almost instantly, I recovered my fear, and promptly dropped the paper towel with the squished spider in it on the floor.  Yuck.  My next step (after disposing of the spider’s remains) was to go close the window since I’m sure that’s how he got in.  There are many advantages to having picturesque trees outside of your apartment, but repelling insects and arachnids isn’t one of them.  I didn’t have these kinds of problems in South Lake Union, the land of perpetual cement mixers and almost no living things except rats.

This morning I got a call from my eye doctor’s office in Michigan.  It was a recording, and it informed me in a very tinny female voice that I was due for an eye appointment sometime after November 1.  Then there was a pause.  And then the entire recorded message repeated again from the beginning.  Between the fact that I haven’t even lived in Michigan in three years and the fact that their recorded reminder repeated itself in the same phone call, I think there’s something buggy going on in their software.  Clearly some quality engineers are needed!

How is everyone else’s week going?  I can’t believe we’ve almost reached the weekend already… the weeks have just been flying by!

I’ll leave you all with a picture of two adorable co-workers: Baxter and Maggie Moose.

Baxter and Maggie Moose

Baxter and Maggie Moose… what cuties!!



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4 responses to “A spider sighting after three years

  1. Lia K

    What is Russian kale? Is it the kind that has a purple tinge to it?
    Eeewww regarding spiders!!! Did you hear about the trouble Britain has been having with spiders lately? First it was the very poisonous False Widow Spiders and then an outbreak of (also deadly) Brazilian wandering spiders/aka banana spider–their method of transportation. Talk about a REAL nightmare! I don’t know…maybe women just have different ideas on what is scary. I filled my gas tank once with premium instead of regular–I was frightened about how much I spent unnecessarily, but soon recovered.

  2. Yes, Russian kale has a purplish hue… it’s also a winter kale so it’s a little woodier and hardier than standard kale. I ended up sauteeing it with eggs…. SO good! 🙂 I had NOT heard about the Britain spider scares! How terrible!! That is definitely the kind of thing that would give me nightmares!

    On another note, they’ve counted more votes in the state of WA and the GMO labeling bill is only trailing by 2% now, and there are still 100,000 votes to be counted… so there’s a chance it could still pass. YAY!!!! 🙂

  3. Lia K

    Great–sounds like a close chance of the GMO labeling bill passing! Did it make it all the way through?

    • Unfortunately it didn’t pass. 😦 It was so close though! 49% to 51%. The Yes on 522 organization is going to try to get it up for a vote again in 2015 though. So close!!

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