The Green Lake Gobble

I honestly don’t remember the last time I posted… hopefully it hasn’t been too long!  Today is Thanksgiving!!  And Mike and I have been enjoying a fully relaxing day.  We actually got invited to a couple friends’ houses for Thanksgiving but they were last-minute invites and we had already ordered our Thanksgiving meal from PCC.  Also we decided we just wanted to stay at home and relax.  Well, relax and work on cleaning the apartment.

This year we got a turkey breast rather than a full turkey, and that made everything SO much easier!  Instead of dealing with a bunch of thighs and other weird random bones and cartilege, we got a medium-sized turkey breast that basically consisted of a breastbone with the meat on either side.  SO easy!  The side dishes were really good too… mashed potatoes, squash, mixed vegetables, stuffing, and rolls.  Mike and I enjoyed it.  Piper is finally off of her antibiotics and is enjoying life with no antibiotic pills morning and evening.  She also enjoyed a small piece of turkey from our Thanksgiving meal.  She was initially suspicious of it, but then decided it was pretty good after all.  🙂

Over the weekend Mike and I watched Taxi Driver, which is a very old Martin Scorsese movie starring a very young Robert DeNiro.  I was surprised to see several familiar faces.  (Hello Jodi Foster!  Hello Cybil Shepard!  I have no idea what you are up to these days.)  I wasn’t entirely sure what I thought of Taxi Driver while I was watching the movie.  I still wasn’t sure what I thought of it after I had finished watching it.  And now, several days later, I’m still not sure what I think of it.  I suspect I will forget all of the details of the movie before I have time to contemplate on them and decide exactly what I think of the movie.  One overwhelming takeaway, though, is that Robert DeNiro is a great actor.  (Although that’s probably not news to anyone.)

In other news, P90X is hard.  Especially when you get into the final month.  Mike and I just had a “rest” week a week and a half ago filled with core synergistics, yoga, and kick boxing.  Although it was a rest compared to doing pull-ups and push-ups, somehow that break didn’t make it any easier to do pull-ups and push-ups during our chest and back workout this Monday.  Well, maybe the push-ups were easier.  Actually, they legitimately were easier.  The pull-ups, however, just remain very difficult.  Why is this??  Maybe I need to stop using a stool as an “aid” and just struggle with the full version until I can do it correctly??  Not sure.  But we have four and a half weeks left at this point, and we’re both tired.  Somehow that has not stopped me from playing Wii Zumba though.  There are two dances in the Zumba game that I just can’t get five stars on even though I’ve worked at it and I feel like I’m pretty good at those two dances.  Last night I asked Mike if he could watch me do them and tell me if he saw something I was doing wrong.  He watched me for a minute or two and then said, “Well, basically you’re doing every move wrong.”

I paused the game.  “What do you mean I’m doing every move wrong?”

“You asked me for feedback on what you’re doing wrong.”

“I asked for tips.  Not to be told I’m doing everything wrong.  Why don’t you come over here and do it then?”

“I can’t do those moves.  And whether or not I can do the moves is irrelevant anyway.  You wanted feedback.”

“Ok.  Well, no more feedback please.”

Mike shrugged and went back to his computer.  He clearly didn’t understand that what I was really looking for was for him to say something along the lines of “Yeah… you’re doing great.  I have no idea why you can’t get five stars on that song.  It’s probably a bug in the game.”  😉

It’s crazy how early it gets dark these days!

My bus stop after work... so dark!

My bus stop after work… so dark!  See the Space Needle?  🙂

Last Saturday we were planning a nice, quiet evening (especially since we had the Green Lake Gobble race the following morning), but one of Mike’s friends from work (who is also a professional photographer and took our wedding pictures) texted Mike that he was downtown shooting a football game and wanted to know if we wanted to meet up after that.  So around 8pm we headed down to Belltown and hung out at Rocco’s Pizza.  Belltown is a funny area.  One of those places that has lots of the best places but lots of the worst places also.  And they’re only a few blocks apart.  It’s a very interesting neighborhood.  Rocco’s looked like just a small hole-in-the-wall pizza place, but as it turned out they had an extensive cocktail menu and very exotic pizzas (proscuitto with basil and roasted pear slices for instance).  Very interesting.  It was seat-yourself, so we sat at high-stooled chairs around a small table right at the front of the restaurant so we could see out into the dark street that was lit up with various restaurant and bar signs and full of people walking by.  We had a very relaxing time!  We lingered and chatted and made plans for hanging out downtown and going to some of the Christmas exhibits with him and his family.  Afterwards Mike and I drove home and watched a Hercule Poirot.  Once again I had no clue who the killer was until the end.  Poirot is definitely a clever guy!  (Either that or Agatha Christie is a clever lady.)  🙂

Sunday morning Mike and I ran the Green Lake Gobble 5k/10k.  When I woke up Sunday morning it was clear and COLD!  The ground even looked suspiciously frosty.  Hmm.  However, Mike and I put on our warm running clothes, including but not limited to the brown long-sleeved shirts we got for registering for the race.  We considered walking to the starting line (it was only a little over a mile away) and we considered taking the bus there (which would have been convenient except that bus would have let us off half a mile from the race… so it wouldn’t really be that much improved time-wise over walking.  Particularly since the bus is pretty slow and stops every block or so).  Finally we decided to drive since it was so cold.  I felt a little weird driving one mile to run a 6 mile race, but oh well.  🙂  Mike and I found a parking spot near Green Lake (which was pretty impressive given that the surrounding areas were pretty filled up with the cars of race participants already).  Mike’s back-in parallel parking job was textbook-perfect.  Good job Mike!  Then we walked to the starting line and dropped off our bag of canned food at the Union Gospel Mission donation truck on the way.  The race itself was really crowded… around 1500 participants.  That isn’t a lot for a race, but given that they were all crammed into the three miles around Green Lake, it felt like a lot.  The race itself was fun!  Neither Mike nor I got very good race times between the crowded race course and the fact that we hadn’t been doing much running lately, but Mike’s lung capacity has definitely improved since starting P90X so running felt a lot easier for him.

It has been so foggy in the mornings lately!  Walking to work has felt like walking through a misty cloud.

A lightly foggy Seattle morning

A lightly foggy Seattle morning

I haven’t done a whole lot of cooking lately.  I did make up some PCC beef chili.  It’s good, but it turned out a little spicier than Mike likes so he hasn’t been going through it very fast.  With Thanksgiving this week I was deliberately trying not to cook.  I didn’t want a bunch of leftovers in addition to the leftovers we’ll have from the Thanksgiving meal.

I feel like with it being Thanksgiving I’m being innundated with Black Friday sale emails. Now appears to be the time when I should buy everything (i.e. at least enough stuff to last me until next Black Friday).  I was at the Body Shop yesterday making a small purchase and the woman working at the store leaned in to speak with me conspiratorially.

“You know, this Friday we’re having a giant sale. Nine of our most popular customer products plus a black canvas tote bag for only $25 with a $30 purchase.”

I was suitably impressed.  “Nine products for twenty-five dollars?”

“Yes.  Well, you know, until we run out.”

Ah.  Yes.  Translated, that meant I could probably camp out all night in the cold on the streets of downtown Seattle outside of Pacific Place Mall along with various other crazed shoppers, homeless people and drug addicts in the hopes that I’d still be alive in the morning and be one of the first people into the Body Shop in time to arm-wrestle another woman for one of the $25 bags full of goodies.  Nope, not for me.  Despite the fact that after two months of P90X I should be in prime arm-wrestling condition, I’m just not that desperate for seaweed facial toner.

The woman at the store could tell that she was losing me… she could see it in my eyes.

“Or, you know, you could buy it at our online site.  Starting now even.”

My ears perked up again.  And sure enough, when I checked later, that deal is available right now from the comfort of my own home with the click of a mouse.  The internet has really ruined everything.  It used to be that if you wanted one of the five 80″ plasma TV’s on sale for $119 at Best Buy on Black Friday you had to set up a tent in the parking lot two days ahead of time with a stash of bottled water, ramen noodles, and stale Snickers bars.  Then at 4:30am you had to elbow everyone out of your way and knock down other shoppers to get to the item before anyone else the second the Best Buy doors opened.  And even if you successfully navigated that and beat out the hundreds of other shoppers who wanted that same TV, you had to guard your cart with your life (or at the very least a can of pepper spray) while navigating back through the crowded throngs of people to get to the cash register and actually pay for the TV because there were likely other shoppers unscrupulous enough to take your shopping cart with the TV in it while your back was turned looking at something else.  And then there was always the chance that you’d get mugged on your way to the car by some temporarily insane shopper crazed with the need for that same TV.  Really, it wasn’t until you had the TV back in your home that your breath would start to return to normal and your adrenaline levels would taper back down to normal.  And by that point you’d feel like you earned every pixel of that TV’s giant 80″ screen.  Now, there is no concept of “working” for Black Friday deals.  You can just go online and click “Add to Cart”.  The deal is yours.  I don’t know what is going to happen to this country’s work ethic now that you no longer have to knock people over to get a cheap TV.

I think I’m actually digressing pretty intensely.

Tonight Mike and I are driving to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get a couple pairs of dumbbells.  Speaking of which I have started calling Piper “Dumbbell”.  It sounds like such a derogatory name (similar to dumb bunny or dimwit perhaps?), but it’s actually just because she loves hanging out by our dumbbells so much and has no reflection on her intelligence level.  I often find her crouched next to a pair of 10’s or 15’s.  That funny cat!  🙂

Mike and I are looking forward to spending more time downtown during December… there are always Christmas lights up, and everything is so pretty and festive!  Even South Lake Union has some white Christmas lights on the trees these days.  🙂

Some Christmas lights in South Lake Union

Some white Christmas lights in South Lake Union

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving and has a lot to be thankful for!  Mike and I feel so blessed and thankful and have definitely been considering all the things we’re thankful for today.  Much love to all our friends and family!  🙂


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