COLD weather and Piper’s latest adventures

Life has been very busy at work lately for both Mike and me.  I don’t talk about our jobs often on the blog since no one wants to hear details about other people’s jobs (unless they do something interesting like photograph for National Geographic), but it has definitely been busy for both Mike and me.  However, despite (or perhaps because of?) the busyness of life, time continues to march forward.  Mike and I are only three weeks from the end of P90X.  Crazy!  I can’t believe how relatively quickly it’s gone by.

So, let’s talk about results.  The bottom line: are we seeing any?  YES.  We are.  I’m definitely much stronger than I used to be.  I think when I go back to running after I’ve finished with P90X my legs will be much stronger and healthier for running.  My upper body is also much stronger and I can do several unaided pull-ups.  I can visibly see the difference a little bit, but I can definitely feel it in how heavy things feel to me when I pick them up or carry them.  Mike is seeing great results.  He’s losing weight around his stomach and he’s also making significant muscle gain in his upper body.  He doesn’t see the changes in himself as clearly as I can and wishes his progress was better, but I definitely see the difference.  And so, apparently, does his boss who didn’t know Mike had been working out but joked last week that he should have Mike tested for steroid use.  🙂  Mike also has so much more stamina and energy in the evenings than he used to.  I have also noticed that, despite his drinking coffee regularly again, he hasn’t been getting any of his bad headaches, which is awesome!  So all in all, we’re very happy with the results.  We’re at the point now with only three weeks left where we’re considering what we want to do fitness-wise when we’re finished with P90X.  I definitely want to get back to running regularly again and do yoga more than once a week.  Mike is still deciding exactly what he wants to do, but it may include a scaled-down version of P90X (i.e. maybe 4-5 days a week instead of 6 or something).  So anyway, good things have been happening on the fitness front.  🙂

Along the theme of time marching forward, Mike and I are celebrating our 1 year anniversary in less than a week.  How did the past year go by so quickly??  We both took the day off of work so that we can just relax, but we don’t have any definite plans.

Piper has been bouncing off the walls lately.  I have no idea why.  Is there some cyclical thing I should know about cats but don’t?  Do cats just go nuts in December?  Last night Mike and I did yoga, and the yoga DVD had only been on for a couple of minutes before Piper brought her stick-mouse toy and laid it on Mike’s foot.  This is Piper code for “make this stick mouse move so I can chase it”.  Mike told her to wait and moved the stick mouse.  One minute later she brought it back and set it on his foot again.  He threw it to the other end of the room and told her again to wait.  She meowed at him and then picked up the stick mouse and laid it on my foot.  She did this repeatedly for most of the hour-long workout.  When she wasn’t trying to get us to play with her she was tearing from the front door down the hall to the living room, and then jumping up on the red chair, from the chair to her kitty condo, and from her kitty condo to the top of the (very tall) bookcase.  Then she would jump down and repeat the entire process, mewing the entire time.  Mike and I both played with her last night, but she just seemed to have an overflowing fountain of energy.  I have to keep reminding myself that this cat is 10 years old, because she certainly doesn’t act like it!  I’m wondering if maybe now that she’s been off of the antibiotics for about a week, she just feels really well and frisky.  Who knows?  I certainly have no idea!

As part of Piper’s energetic state she has been exploring things she normally sleeps rather than exploring.  For instance, she discovered yesterday that she can paw at the sliding door to our bedroom until it opens.  Given that she has peed on the bed no less than three times in the past year, this wasn’t something Mike and I ever wanted her to learn.  However, she did.  I blocked the right sliding door, but then she moved on to the left one right away.  Mike and I realized we were going to have to find some “lock” for sliding doors.  We went to the local hardware store and looked at childproof locks but they were geared more towards appliances and cabinets than towards sliding doors.  So currently we have two handweights set on either side of the sliding doors which Piper isn’t strong enough to move by herself.  Mike’s engineering mind is spinning on a solution though, so I suspect we’ll have something better in place before long.

Yesterday Mike and I went downtown to do a little shopping.  We enjoyed seeing all of the Christmas lights and all of the people.  Despite the cold weather, there were SO MANY people downtown Christmas shopping!  It’s always so much fun being downtown this time of year with all of the lights.  Having a car is really nice when it’s this cold though.  We basically drive from our parking ramp to the mall’s parking ramp and don’t have to actually set foot outside.  🙂  Inside the mall there was a choir of girls performing Christmas songs.  So festive!  When Mike and I were done shopping we stopped at the (surprisingly uncrowded) Nordstrom Cafe.

The Nordstrom Cafe

The Nordstrom Cafe.. great atmosphere and great food!

I don’t think it occurred to any of the holiday shoppers to go up to the fourth floor of Nordstrom looking for food.  Mike and I have been to the cafe before, though, and the food is delicious!  Mike opted for roasted chicken and vegetables and I got split pea soup.  Then we spent a little (very little because of the cold) time wandering around outside looking at the lights.

Mike by the Macy's star

Mike by the Macy’s star

The weather here has been COLD!  I’m speaking relatively here, since I heard it hit -2 degrees in Portland a couple days ago which is extremely cold and nearly unheard of for them.  On Friday I was telling a co-worker that I was going to have to move to Vegas for some warmer weather when my best friend who lives in Vegas texted me that it was in the mid-30’s there.  Wow!  Yesterday the high was 26 degrees and it got down in the teens overnight.  Although that is nothing compared to what most of the country is experiencing, it is cold for us Seattlites.  To make things worse, last weekend the temperature dropped 10 degrees and it has gotten a few degrees colder every day since then so that it’s now reached its current state.  Last night we actually had a severe cold weather alert and had the coldest night we’ve had in Seattle since November 2010.  Walking to the bus stop each day last week was like an exercise for the mind and the body.  Each day I walked out the door knowing it was slightly colder than the day before and slightly warmer than it was going to be the following day.  I felt chilled to the bone continuously and by the time I finally reached Friday, I wanted to explore working from home forever (or at least for the rest of the winter) so that I could get away from the progressively colder and colder Seattle weather.  I was also considering moving to Cabo (I have never been to Cabo, never thought about Cabo and generally had no interest in Cabo, but one of my coworkers told me it was always warm there and they were definitely not experiencing any kind of cold weather.  Sold!)  Suffice it to say, it was a rough week weather-wise.  The crazy thing, though, is that with all of this ‘temperatures-in-the-20s’ Seattle weather, we have not actually gotten any snow (or sleet or freezing rain or any other form of precipitation).  It has been extremely dry.  Which I would normally be thankful for, except that if it actually snowed the buses would grind to a halt and I would be forced to work from home away from the frozen streets of Seattle.  So how is Mike handling this cold weather?  Much better than me.  🙂  However, he has commented multiple times in a surprised tone, “Wow… it is COLD!”.  Happily, by Wednesday the weather in Seattle is supposed to be back up in the mid-40’s.  Not exactly Cabo weather, but enough to feel like a heat wave based on our current temperatures.  🙂

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!  I’m ready for a warmer week this week!  🙂


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One response to “COLD weather and Piper’s latest adventures

  1. Lia K

    Thanks for the update on P90X! It sounds like it was a very worthwhile program for the both of you. It’ll be interesting to see how it affects your performance in running and yoga. Perhaps it’ll stave off the IT band pain?
    That’s so funny about Piper going bonkers! Keifer has been having random fits of playful exuberance too this winter–running around the house in spurts like he’s playing red-light/green-light. Remember that game growing up? Then he’ll go over to his pile of stuffed animals and toss one clear across the room and then once spotted, slowly creep up on it and POUNCE. Is it something in the air? Cracks me up everytime.

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