Apartment pictures and a serious car wash

It has been steadily raining in Seattle for the past couple of days.  Unsurprising, given that it’s January, but kind of surprising in that it had been dry and cold for the past month and a half.  It’s definitely requiring a little getting used to.  I’m still at that stage where I remember to bring an umbrella with me to work but typically don’t remember to bring it when going out for lunch at work.  Another couple of weeks of this and I’ll be faithfully remembering to bring it anywhere that requires more than a few steps outdoors.

This past Saturday there was a big Seahawks game down at Century Link Stadium against the New Orleans Patriots.  I don’t follow football at all, but I suspected there was an important game because when I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work the Friday before, everyone working there was wearing a Seahawks jersey.  Apparently the Seahawks are doing really well this year and have a shot at the Super Bowl.  Who knew?  Not me, who doesn’t even know when the season starts or ends.  🙂  Mike was lamenting yesterday that we didn’t have a TV antennae to allow us to watch the game on our TV, but he survived.  He doesn’t have much interest in sports usually, but he’ll watch big games like the Super Bowl and playoff games.  Sunday morning I went down to the workout room with my ear buds, hoping that the room would be empty and I would be able to select a TV station to watch but expecting that there would be some football game on that at least one person was watching.  As it turned out, there was one guy in there riding a stationary bike.  He wasn’t watching football, but he was watching a news show about football that was recapping games from the previous day.  I may not be able to understand the draw to watching football, but I understand that better than watching a show about football.  Interestingly, however, I find watching the Tour de France and marathon races fascinating.  Each to his own I guess, right?  🙂

Mike and I officially renewed the lease at our current apartment for another year yesterday.  For a person like me who always liked moving to a new area every single year, it felt a little weird, but honestly we’re in a great location in a nice building so there was no compelling reason to move.  Plus Mike and I finally have just about finished getting our apartment organized and furnished the way we want it.  Along that line, Mike took a few pictures of the apartment.  🙂

Our living room

Our living room… including our little Christmas tree before the LEDs in it died

A view of our living room from the kitchen

A view of our living room from the kitchen

Since I’ve been promising pictures of our new bedroom set for awhile, here’s the bedroom!

A view of our bedroom from the bedroom doorway

A view of our bedroom from the bedroom doorway

That view also shows a nice look at our painting, which we bought jointly as a Christmas gift for each other.

A more direct look at our giant dresser...

A more direct look at our giant dresser.  This thing weighs so much that I almost don’t want to move just so we never have to mess with moving it.

I like the picture below because it shows our clock, a few of our pictures, and a sideways view into the workout room… my special hangout/yoga room.  I think it’s supposed to be a breakfast nook, but I’m much happier with it this way.  🙂

A view of the workout room behind the couch off of the living room

A view of the workout room behind the couch off of the living room

Mike and I were so productive with cleaning two weekends ago that we took a break this past weekend.  We did very little.  Mike did put together a printer stand which ended up taking an insane amount of time because of incomplete assembly instructions and Mike’s overwhelming thoroughness.  In the time he put that together I did three loads of laundry, washed the dishes, hard-boiled a dozen eggs, put away the slow cooker dinner food, started this blog post, made the bed, did some Rosetta Stone French, and tidied the bathroom.  Apparently the instructions were in the wrong order, so Mike assembled part of it and then had to take it apart, put in some other pieces, and re-assemble it again.  However Mike emerged triumphant and actually added on additional L-brackets he bought at the hardware store to further enhance the structural stability of the printer stand.  I suggested that our printer wasn’t very heavy and he probably didn’t need to reinforce the printer stand, but by that point Mike was already comparing L-brackets and way past the point of no return.  We now have a printer stand with a load-bearing capacity that far exceeds the weight of any possible printer we could ever buy.  🙂

I have been doing more cooking lately.  I made up meatloaf over the weekend (very quick and easy, and makes for a very nice meal when rounded out with a baked potato), and yesterday I made lemon chicken stew in the slow cooker.  The meatloaf is speedily becoming one of my staples just because it’s really easy and Mike likes it.  He also liked the lemon chicken stew.  The lemon gives it an interesting flavor so it’s different than the typical chicken stew.

On Sunday night Mike wanted to get a car wash, so we drove the short distance to Ballard where there’s a Brown Bear Car Wash.  I’m not much into self car washes.  If I can’t let my car navigate through a tunnel full of blue, pink, and yellow bubbles shooting at me, I lose interest pretty quickly.  However, Mike wanted to self-wash the car, so we exchanged some dollars for Brown Bear Tokens and Mike went to town.  Despite the adorable bear logo of the Brown Bear, there’s a couple of pretty serious bronze-looking life-size angry grizzly bear statues at the entrance to the car wash that make me glad there aren’t grizzly bears roaming around downtown Seattle every time we pass them.  Mike kept feeding Brown Bear Tokens into the machine whenever it started beeping until he ran out of tokens.  I felt like we were at Chuck-E-Cheese feeding tokens into arcade games, but Mike took his job very seriously and washed each surface of the car thoroughly.  Mike played some 70’s and 80’s music on the way back from the car wash.  It’s unusual for Mike and me to listen to old music.  Usually we’re listening to new stuff.  However, there’s definitely some great music from the past.

With P90X over, Mike and I have still been working out, but not as strenuously.  Typically we work out three nights a week and focus on a combination of yoga, strength, and cardio.  It’s fun to have a workout buddy!  🙂  Tonight we went down to the workout room and Mike hopped on the elliptical while I hopped on a treadmill.  It’s annoyingly hard getting back into running.  You would think after 90 days of working out hard-core doing pull-ups and push-ups as well as plyometrics and kickboxing that running would feel easy.  But, no.  Because it’s a different movement, and one that my body isn’t currently used to anymore, it’s hard.  I’m to the point where running the distance isn’t difficult, but running at the speed I was running four months ago is difficult.  I have my eye on a really fun half marathon in Vancouver that’s in August, so I need to make sure I’m in prime running form by August.  I’m also excited because the race is on Mike’s birthday, so we can hang out there over a long weekend and have fun wandering around the city celebrating Mike’s birthday as well.  We have loved Vancouver both times we’ve visited there… such a fun, relaxing city with a great atmosphere!  🙂

Unfortunately our incredibly intelligent cat has figured out how to open the sliding bedroom doors while we’re away at work, so we’ve taken to blocking them with dumbbells.  Not very aesthetically pleasing, but pretty effective (I say “pretty effective”, because one day she actually did roll one of them out of the way and bat the door open anyway).

She enjoys hanging out on top of Mike

In addition to opening doors, she enjoys hanging out on top of Mike

In the spirit of a New Year and an already long winter for most of the U.S., here’s a Counting Crows song.  And in case you’re in the mood for an old introspective album (1996!), Recovering the Satellites that contains this song is a great listen.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week!  🙂

A Long December – Counting Crows



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4 responses to “Apartment pictures and a serious car wash

  1. Nate Danenberg

    Okay, who are you and what have you done with Hercule Poirot?

  2. Lia K

    Thanks for posting pics of your apartment–I love your yoga/workout area and the little LED Charlie Brown Xmas tree!

    • Mike saw your comment and said, “Lia is so much like you… she focused on the yoga room and the LED tree”. 🙂 Hope you’re able to see the apartment in person soon! Piper is asking about your plans for coming to visit her. 😉

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