The Seahawks… a Super Bowl Victory!

On Saturday Mike went downtown to the Belltown area with a friend of his to take photos.  They were hoping for rain, but the weather remained stubbornly sunny (how often does this situation occur in February in Seattle??), so they didn’t get any of the classic Seattle rainy shots they were hoping for.  They did have a good time wandering around downtown Seattle, though.  While Mike was gone I went to the grocery store and then went down to the workout room to run on the treadmill.  I’ve been having a hard time motivating myself to run outside lately.  I think it has a lot to do with P90X ending at the end of December when the weather was already cold (and before all the Michigan people jump in about how un-cold it is in Seattle in comparison to Michigan, I realize that this is all relative).  So basically I was running outdoors in warm September weather… and then all of a sudden I was confronted with cold January weather.  It’s so much easier running throughout the winter if you start running in the fall and then get used to the cold weather gradually as you move into winter.  So anyway, I haven’t been having much luck getting on board with winter running.  I’ve been good about treadmill running, though, and feel pretty back into the swing of running (although my speed still isn’t what it was in October).  The workout room was completely empty (very unusual for a Saturday evening), so I turned on the TV and ran through two episodes of “Everybody Loves Raymond”.  Some of it was stupid, but some of it was funny enough that I laughed out loud even while running, particularly a memorable moment when Raymond ate his super bowl tickets.  🙂

Speaking of super bowls…

The Seattle Seahawks won their first EVER Super Bowl!  🙂  As most blog readers know, I am not a football fan in any sense of the term.  However, I am a fan of Seattle and the huge sense of community in the city.  For the past few weeks everyone in Seattle has been wearing Super Bowl jerseys, hats, scarves, T-shirts, etc, and ‘12th man‘ flags and signs have been flying high.  And thousands of people went down to SeaTac airport to see the Seahawks players off to the Super Bowl.  And thousands more will be attending a parade set up for Wednesday morning to celebrate the returning victors.  Seattle, a city with a sometimes surprisingly fierce sense of community, has banded around the Seahawks with such a ferocity that even non-football fans like myself are pricing out Seahawks scarves just to feel part of the community (it doesn’t hurt that I love the blue and green colors either though).  Mike and I watched the game and couldn’t believe what a shutout it was.  Peyton Manning literally didn’t get any time to line up a throw before at least one linebacker was on top of him.  That game was definitely a testament to the motto that ‘a good defense is the best offense’.  After the game, people were setting off lots of fireworks around the city, so Mike and I wandered around outside a little.  Cars were honking happily and a little crazily at each other and at other pedestrians sporting Seahawks gear and everyone was whooping and hollering.  A few miles south in the downtown area it was even crazier!  Very fun and community-centered!  I think it also helped that our team was made up of a lot of 5th and 6th string draft picks who just really worked hard and learned to operate very well as a team… we really didn’t have many “star” players.

On Friday night Mike and I went out to Paddy Coynes.  It had been such a long time since we’d been there!  Sadly, no one that we knew was working that night, but the waiters were still great.  It was definitely a relaxing evening, and got us back into our old neighborhood.  Lots of fun!  🙂  When we came back we discussed the reinforcing of our bookcase.

What happens when you get two engineers in a room...

What happens when you get two engineers in a room…

I’ve actually been cooking lately!  A week ago I made a ground beef veggie casserole topped with cornbread.  I completely lost the recipe though… I found it on some random website, and I can’t find it again.  So unfortunately you’re all going to be deprived of the recipe.  This weekend I also made some beef stroganoff for Mike.  He thought the flavor was very good but that the stir-fry beef I put in it ended up too tough.  I’m not sure what I should have done.  Maybe stir-fry beef is really only good for cooking very quickly at very hot temperatures and isn’t good for the lower temperature/longer cooking combination I was trying to do.  I also made some lemon red lentil soup that I thought was awesome… the fresh lemon juice definitely added a lot to the taste!  I also doubled all the spices, the celery, and the carrots and added extra veggie broth…. just because you can’t have enough veggies!  🙂

You know you’re old when…

Does anyone want to fill in the blank with your own thoughts?  🙂

Here’s my most recent “I feel old” moment.  I was at American Eagle shopping for some hoodies and T-shirts (I know, I know… what do I expect shopping at AE when I’m at least ten years older than their target demographic?).  When I went to the register to pay, the girl asked if I had an AE rewards card.  I handed over my card and she stared at it blankly.

“Oh… wow.”

“Um… ‘wow’ what?” I wanted to know.

“I haven’t seen this card before… it must be one of our old cards.  Most of our current members have our new card, because they’re newer members.”

Mmm.  Just what I was looking to hear.  So basically all the AE members who joined the same time I did have moved on to other stores.  She saw the look on my face and hastened to explain further.

“You know, because most of our current customers are younger.”

Better and better.  AE’s current customer base is significantly younger than me.  And all have newer, hipper membership cards than me as well.  And even worse, the sixteen year old at the cash register was too young to realize that inferring my age wasn’t complimentary.  Oh well… life goes on, right?  🙂

Speaking of which, one of the things I bought there was an orange T-shirt that Mike said reminded him of the color of orange sherbet.  When I went to wash it before wearing it the first time and read the care label, it said “Wash in warm with like colors”.  I own absolutely nothing else even remotely that color.  What is it with all the care labels saying to wash with like colors?  I feel like that’s only actually practical if your whole wardrobe consists of only a couple of colors.

The registration for the SeaWheeze half marathon sponsored by Lululemon in Vancouver, BC, opened yesterday and sold out in an hour!  I got in though!  🙂  So Mike and I are headed to Vancouver in August for his birthday and for the race.  Mike and I are excited!  August will be such a great time to visit Vancouver… it should be nice and warm.  I also got us tickets for the Sunset Festival sponsored by the race that evening… local food, drinks, music, etc, in beautiful Stanley Park.  It should be lots of fun!

Work has been BUSY lately for both Mike and me (hence my less frequent blogging the past few weeks).  Mike and I have still been watching occasional Poirot episodes, though, and we’re keeping up with the new season of Downton Abbey.  Is anyone else watching the new season?  Thoughts??  It’s definitely a lot different than I thought it would be.  I figured with Sybil and Matthew gone the show would kind of peter out, but the writers seem to have done a great job of keeping a lot of the drama going.  The day Maggie Smith leaves the show, though, is the day I’ll probably lose a lot of my interest.  She’s wonderful!  🙂

It has been COLD!  I hate to complain, knowing how much the rest of the country has been suffering with cold and snow, but for Seattle these daytime high’s of 35 degrees are not cool.

It can snow in Seattle too!  (This was actually last month, but we may be getting another half inch this weekend)

It can snow in Seattle too! (This was actually last month, but we may be getting another half inch this weekend)

Piper has been extremely energetic lately.  Too energetic actually.  I think Mike and I are ready for a break from her tearing up and down the hallway mewing the whole way.  She is something else!  Fortunately, one thing that always quiets her down, particularly in this cold weather, is turning on the electric heater.

Piper wedged against the heater in the wall

Piper wedged against the heater in the wall

Although it’s difficult to see in the above picture, the output for the electric heater is directly to her right and she’s enjoying the blast of hot air.  One of these days I think she’s going to burn her nose when she sticks her head too close.  I’m not sure she has any sense of self preservation at all.

Mike and I are definitely looking forward to the weekend (who cares that it’s only Tuesday and we still have three more days to go??).  We’re having a friend over this weekend, so that will be fun.  And tomorrow is the giant Seahawks homecoming parade.  Mike’s department is getting a green and blue cake to celebrate and are watching the parade on TV while eating it.  Since the parade starts less than a mile from my work building I’ll probably walk over during lunch and see part of it.  Unless it’s too cold.  Thirty-five degrees is pretty intimidating.  Plus I don’t have any Seahawks gear to wear.  I wonder if a plain old green scarf would do?

Have a wonderful week everyone!  🙂



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3 responses to “The Seahawks… a Super Bowl Victory!

  1. Lia K

    I had never heard of the “12th Man”–dang, you Seattleites sure know how to celebrate. Loud and proud! That’s the spirit. It’s what makes your city so colorful and exciting. Go green and blue!
    Love the sketches…You two are just the right amount of crazy for each other.;)
    Hummm, I’m gonna rethink shopping at AE. We’re not too young, er, too OLD to still be shopping there. Are we? Love their camis.
    Yaay–glad you made it through registration for the half marathon in Vancouver!
    I have not seen any episodes from the current season (4th) of Downton Abbey. How do you watch them? Amazon? Glad to hear the writing is still good, despite losing two main characters. With television shows, I tend to wait until the entire season is out and then watch all the eppys at once. Marathon!
    You should post a video of Miss Piper in her manic state, tearing up and down the hallway, mewing all the way! That is, if you can catch an image of her while she’s moving so quickly…Maybe she’s pretending to be Wonder-Kitty: The New Superhero?

    • Things are still crazy in Seattle even a few weeks after the Super Bowl! A guy that Mike works with just got a giant Seahawks Super Bowl tattoo on his forearm… that seems a little permanent to me! 🙂 We should still shop at AE… we should just get the new card so that it appears we’re among their “younger” customers. 😉 Mike and I watch Downton Abbey on Amazon… we just have one episode left of the season to watch… the last couple have been STRESSFUL! Ahhh!! So much stuff happening! 🙂

  2. Lia K

    Uh-oh…What’s AE gonna think of me shopping there without ANY membership card to show for? Will they think I’m on the “younger” side for never having gotten one or just too lazy?
    Sounds like things are crazy on “Downton Abbey”! Stressful? Have more main characters kicked-the-bucket?

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