Where can I find a petition against heavy metal doors?

Last weekend Mike and I actually spent quite a bit of time working.  It made this week much easier and more relaxing, so it was definitely worth it.  Mike got so wrapped up in his work, though, that it was difficult to get him extricated long enough to even eat or have a conversation or eat any food.  Crazy!  I get focused on work, but not that focused!  🙂  The good news was that because of that weekend, I got the first version of my software released and Mike got the modifications he wanted done to his software.  This past week has still been very busy getting everything cleaned up and released, but both Mike and I are starting to see the light at the end of our respective work tunnels.

The only bad thing about having kept my Michigan phone number for my cell is that when I get wrong numbers they typically occur based on the three-hour-time-difference Eastern Standard Time zone.  Practically what this means is that occasionally my phone rings at 5am because someone who is up bright and early in Michigan is making a business call and is awake enough to make the call but tired enough to get a couple digits wrong.  This happened to me Thursday morning at 5:09am.  I blearily looked towards my cheerily ringing phone but was in a sleep too deep to really fully awaken.  I stumbled up and reached for the phone but it stopped ringing just as I got to it.  I got a drink of water, trying to resolve the dream I’d been having to reality now that I was awake but without the mental capacity of a truly awake person.  I noticed that there was a voicemail on my phone from the call, so I listened to it.  A man who was way more perky than anyone should be in the morning was cheerfully apologizing to Cathy Phillips for not having gotten back with her sooner.  He followed up with “Please give me a call whenever it’s convenient for you.”  For a full half second I considered calling him back to at least let him know he had the wrong number and Cathy wasn’t going to get his message.  Only for half a second though.  He sounded so perky I really didn’t feel quite ready for that kind of intensity at 5:11am.

On Wednesday when I was coming home from work with two bags of groceries and a giant backpack housing two laptops.  (I seriously feel more like a pack mule than a person most days during my commute.)  I paused at the bottom door of the stairwell, balanced both bags of groceries in one hand, and braced myself to pull the huge (HEAVY!) metal door open.  I have to take a quick rabbit trail here to talk about these doors.  I have likely complained about these doors in the past because they are heavy to the point where it’s ridiculous.  Heavy to the point where I can do pushups for a full minute but my heart always sinks at the thought of yanking that three-inch think door open and keeping it open long enough to get myself and any bags I’m carrying through before it crashes shut with a resounding echo that can be heard for miles.  Or at least heard anywhere else in the hallway.  It also means that practically almost no one holds the door open for anyone else because, let’s face it, it’s hard enough to keep that giant behemoth open long enough to get yourself through, much less anyone else.  I suspect that the whole process of men opening doors for women happened during the middle ages when the doors of the aristocracy were not drastically different from the doors in my apartment (although probably made out of wood instead of metal!).  If all doors were as heavy as the stairwell doors I would definitely appreciate someone opening doors for me in a way that I really can’t fully appreciate with skinny little glass doors that are found everywhere else.  But anyway, I’m digressing pretty intensely.  I reached out to the pull the door open while bracing myself and my bags to accomplish the pull, and somehow my hand slipped on the big metal handle as I was pulling the door.  This resulted in the door crashing closed again before I’d gotten through it, but not before its metal handle had hit my hand pretty hard.  It was painful and my index finger swelled up instantly despite the cold water I soaked it in as soon as I got up to the apartment.  Over the next 7 days my finger turned various shades of red, green, and purple and has finally managed to heal now.  Seriously… is there a petition to ban doors above a certain weight and/or those with hinges so similar to jaws that you can barely get the door open long enough to get through before they snap on you?  And if so, where do I sign??

However, apart from my colorful index finger, things have been going well.  Mike and I decided to have at least a little more fun this weekend.  Friday night we went out to University Village.  It was raining and University Village is an outdoor mall, but we spent most of our time inside, so it was fine.  We stopped by the camera store so Mike could look at a new camera by Panasonic.  He was interested and spent some time taking pictures with it in the store to get a feel for it.  He’s very interested in its ability to operate in lower light with more noise reduction than his current camera.  After the camera store, we headed to the Apple store (can anyone guess where this is going yet?), and I bought a new silver iPhone 5S.  How exciting!!  I took pictures with it a lot yesterday, and the pictures are SO MUCH better than they were with my old iPhone 4.  So now I’m basically ready for our England trip.  🙂  It was also kind of a present to myself after all the time I’ve put into work the past couple of months.  Mike may be getting that camera as a present to himself after all of the work he’s been putting in as well… we’ll see.

Then we went to Boom Noodle and just had a relaxing dinner.  One bowl of vegetarian pho and one bowl of coconut curry later, and Mike and I were headed home in the rain.  We also went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, the new Wes Anderson movie.  I think it gets released for all theaters next weekend, but it’s showing in select theaters this weekend.  One of the select theaters was the Guild 45th about a mile from our house, so we definitely wanted to go.  When we got there, we found out that there were only 50 seats left for the showing we wanted to see, and the later showing was completely sold out.  Apparently everyone else in Wallingford wanted to see the new Wes Anderson movie a week before it hit all theaters too.  Mike and I managed to find a couple of seats way in the back off to the left, but we were still able to see the screen perfectly.

Wes Anderson movies are always entertaining and visually stimulating.  You’re never able to predict what’s going to happen, either, since his plots take bizarre twists and turns, and I feel like subconciously that actually allows you to relax and enjoy the movie more.  Many times when I see movies I feel myself expending mental energy trying to figure out how the movie will end and what (usually predictable) twists and turns will occur in the process.  With Wes Anderson movies, you have no idea what will happen, so you just relax into your seat and enjoy the completely unexpected twists of the story.  In addition, Wes Anderson’s use of stylistic elements and vivid colors are gorgeous nuggets to be processed by your brain, making me feel like my brain is forming new neural pathways just to process the images I’m seeing.  Anyway, suffice it to say that Mike and I typically really enjoy Wes Anderson movies.  And The Grand Budapest Hotel was no exception.  There were a few actors in it I wasn’t expecting to see (like Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park), as well as lots of actors I’d never seen before.  The story was full of strange turns of events and, even though it was told with the typical Wes Anderson levity, it had a depth that had Mike and me awake at midnight that night discussing life and morality implications of some of the items dealt with in the movie.  I would definitely recommend it if you’re a Wes Anderson fan.  If you don’t like his other movies though, I would be shocked if you liked this one as it’s very true to his style.

Here’s a picture of Mike from the new iPhone camera… notice how clear it is and how natural the lighting looks!  LOVE it!  🙂

Mike at a camera store

Mike at a camera store

If you’re wondering about the guy behind Mike with the purple hair, that is not a defect in my camera’s light sensor; his hair is actually that color.  This is a picture taken in Seattle.  Nonstandard hair colors are to be expected.  You’re just lucky there aren’t any unicycles in this picture given that Seattle seems to have a disproportionately large percentage of unicycles compared to other cities I’ve been in.  Maybe because the traffic on I-5 is so slow you have to find alternate methods of transportation?  I’m not sure.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!  Mike and I have housework on the agenda today because we’ve let it go a couple of weeks in a row.  I’ve already cleaned Piper’s litterbox and done some cleaning in the kitchen and living room.  Next up is sorting through junk mail… lots of fun!  😉



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5 responses to “Where can I find a petition against heavy metal doors?

  1. Nate Danenberg

    I once read where symmetry is the essence of beauty. Wes Anderson must realize this. http://www.flixxy.com/wes-anderson-centered.htm

    • It’s interesting… one of the designers I work with was commenting on this exact topic (the symmetry of Wes Anderson’s work). He said that as designers you’re taught never to center an image, but that Wes Anderson breaks that rule all the time to great effect. Have you seen any of his movies? What do you think of his work?

  2. Lia K

    Yaay–so glad to see you’re enjoying the new iPhone 5S! That snapshot of Mike at the camera store is incredibly clear. Do you have a protective case for your new phone or did you decide to go solo?
    Gotta love the purple hair. I just got mine done, so I’m a bit of a redhead at the moment. I’m embracing my Scottish heritage. I absolutely LOVE it! I guess I’ll fit right in when I come to visit you there in Seattle.;)

    • I have a case for the iPhone… I’m trying to protect it as much as possible. I’m excited to see you as ‘a bit of a redhead’… text me a pic?? 🙂

  3. Lia K

    Hi! Yes, I’ll send you a picture…I’m waiting for the person who does my hair to email a couple pics she took. Unfortunately, my old(er) phone doesn’t capture color all too well. We should Skype sometime. You need to see my mom’s new puppy before he’s all grown-up!

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