Back to blogging…

I’m back in the blog world after a fairly prolonged absence.  🙂  I think my absence was basically due to two factors.

1) Everything seemed boring to write about in comparison to writing about England and Ireland.

2) It has been a busy summer so far!

Regardless, I’m back and will try to give an overview of Mike’s and my summer so far.  (It’s so hard to believe it’s already August!)

Lia, my good friend from Las Vegas, flew out to visit for a long weekend two weeks, and it was so good to see her again!  (How could it have actually been three years since I’d last seen her??)  We had a blast getting our hair done together, doing lots of shopping, visiting Pike Place Market, the Fremont Troll, and Rattlesnake Lake, and going to various Seattle restaurants to give her a sense of the culture!  Mike even drove us around while we shopped and looked in most of the stores with us.  (By ‘looked’ I mean that he was physically present with us in the stores but was looking stuff up on his iPhone… thank goodness for smartphones!  Seriously I don’t know how Mike survived shopping trips or I survived Home Depot trips before we had them!)

At Pike Place Market by the famous bronze (brass?) pig

At Pike Place Market by the famous bronze (brass?) pig


Apart from Lia’s visit, everything has been rolling along as usual, although work has been busier than usual for both Mike and me.

My training for the half marathon in late August is also really ramping up.  I ran 11 miles today, and next weekend’s long run will be 12 miles.  I’m trying to remember how I managed marathon training, because even the training for the half feels intense.  Mike and I are still going to the gym regularly as well.  I typically work out with Mike on Sundays and Wednesdays, and I’ve also started working out with a friend from work one or two nights a week.  I’m trying to focus a lot on lower body strength to avoid injury with all the running.  Lots of working out to coordinate!  🙂

Last night Mike and I were just in the mood to drive, so we drove north towards Everett.  There’s nothing quite like driving around Everett after dark… the kinds of people you see are interesting to say the least.  We drove past all of the Fluke buildings in Everett, past the Boeing office building, and past the Boeing assembly line.  One of the giant doors was open as we drove past, and we could see a couple of planes being assembled inside.  Their factory is just HUGE!!  So interesting!

Aer Lingus?  Or some other green plane?

Aer Lingus? Or some other green plane?

We drove down to the harbor (I don’t know which harbor… just one of the harbors along the Puget Sound), and then we got out of the car and walked around for awhile.  It was early evening, the sun had just set, and there were lots of people at the beach with campfires, roasting marshmallows, playing music, and talking and laughing.  It had a very Grand Haven kind of feel to it.


Sunset at the Puget Sound

Sunset at the Puget Sound

We watched one of the big car ferries take off from the shore with a bunch of cars aboard bound for the other side of Puget Sound.  The ferry was all lit up inside, so it almost looked like some kind of cruise ship.  Then we drove back in a roundabout way towards Seattle.  Traffic on I-5 was good for once… I guess 10pm on a Friday is a good time to travel!

Mike got an amp for his electric guitar and has been playing guitar in the evenings pretty regularly.  I love listening to him.  He has a couple of delay pedals that he uses as well that give him a very “U2” sound.  With the additional interest in music, though, getting the picture processing finished for the England/Ireland pictures has been going slowly.  Hopefully those pictures will be done in the next few weeks!

Every summer there is a big month-long Seafair festival in Seattle.  I’m honestly not entirely sure of the entire point of it (except that it’s summer in Seattle, the weather’s great, and why NOT have a festival?).  There’s a pirate-themed 5k as part of the festivities, and Mike and I ran that together last weekend.  It was a hilly race, but Mike just charged up those hills.  I think his time at the gym is definitely starting to show!  🙂

Mike... just ran a 5k and still looking cool and collected!  Not phased by those hills at all!

Mike… just ran a 5k and still looking cool and collected! Not phased by those hills at all!


This weekend, though, Seafair is ending, and as part of the festivities the Blue Angels are flying over Seattle doing aerial tricks.  As cool as they are to see, it is LOUD when they fly overhead!  I was on a run this morning when I heard a crazy supersonic sound that almost made me jump off of the sidewalk into a bush.  I initially thought it was thunder, but it was the Blue Angels.  Mike and I also saw them out flying in formation over Seattle later today when we were out running errands.  Poor Piper!  The loud sounds from the Blue Angels scared her several times this morning, and she has been pretty nervous and very clingy since then.

We also went to The Guitar Store today (capitalization intended… that’s actually its name), and interestingly both of the guys working there recognized us from having been in a few weeks ago, to the point that they even remembered we were in looking at Mesa Boogie amps!  Mike and I chatted with them for awhile and Mike got new electric guitar strings and some new picks.

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful… mid 80’s and sunny.  We love it!  Tonight after we’d run a bunch of errands we walked to a coffee shop for some iced coffee.  The weather was just perfect, and there were so many people out!  The sky was breathtaking.




After we got home we settled in and watched a Mr. Selfridge episode.  Mike’s dad recommended it, and we’ve watched a couple episodes now.  The thing I find the most interesting about it is that it’s based on a real Mr. Selfridge who revolutionized the way department stores operate.  I’m not sure how many of the characters and the actual events are factual, but I always love shows based on true stories.

I’m planning to blog more regularly now… even without England and Ireland trips to write about!  Hopefully there will be enough going on in Seattle to be interesting!  🙂  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



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2 responses to “Back to blogging…

  1. Nate

    Once again, an enjoyable post. Has this been the best summer ever? Mike’s looking fit. See if you can work in a picture of Mike’s guitar someday. I’m wondering if it’s his old Gibson, or if he’s bought a new one.

  2. This has definitely been one of the busiest summers ever! 🙂 I’ll post a picture of Mike’s guitar in the next post! He sold his old guitar and bought a new one several years back while we were still in Michigan. It’s a Music Man.

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