A Trip to the SAM (Seattle Art Museum)

Once again it was a very busy week at work.  However, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a few more key projects to get done at work, but the interns I’m working with all leave in the next one to two weeks.  I love working with them, but it will give me more time when they’re back at school.

Mike and I had a very relaxing Friday night and went to the University Village shopping area and out for dinner.  It’s surprising how little we’ve been going out to dinner lately.  I think because Mike’s trying to eat healthier he prefers eating at home.  On Saturday we drove to a local coffee shop that we hadn’t been to before called Fuel Coffee just to try it out.  Mike got a latte, and I got a Tangerine Ginger tea.  It was so good that I asked the barista about it, and she said it was organic looseleaf tea made a company named Rishi.  Since we were out anyway, we decided to go to the Seattle Art Museum (known locally as the SAM).  We hadn’t been there since our first year in Seattle when they had a Picasso exhibit that we attended, and at that time we really only looked at the Picasso paintings so we didn’t see anything else.

This summer they have a special exhibit going on showcasing painters from the Pacific Northwest.  The building is very well architected and was light and airy.  At this point, particularly after a couple of European vacations, we’ve seen our share of darker, more crowded art galleries, so this was refreshing.  The museum was divided into various galleries, each of which had a theme.  For some, the theme was a time period, for others it was related to a type of subject matter, and for others it was a painting style.  Some of the highlights for us included a bronze sculpture of a hunting panther which reminded us of Piper, a Jackson Polluck painting, and a Monet.  The Jackson Polluck painting was entirely abstract but very striking.  I noticed it and liked it before I knew it was a Jackson Polluck.  He actually spilled gravel on it to get a grittier texture.  Very interesting.  There were big sections dedicated to Egyptian, Greek, and Italian artifacts.  Unfortunately at this point Mike and I have seen a lot of those already so we were less impressed than we should have been.  Mike made quite a few comments along the lines of ‘We’ve seen better versions of this’, and we walked through those sections quickly.  We did really enjoy the Native American Indian exhibit and saw some pretty intense totem poles and other carved work.

Hard-core native American Indian carved work

Hard-core native American Indian carved work

Afterwards we ate at a little organic restaurant called Taste.  We were too late for lunch and too early for dinner, so we were served the happy hour menu.  It was all very good and flavorful.

Appetizers at Taste

Appetizers at Taste


Then, since we were downtown anyway we decided to walk around a little.  We went into a small, multi-story mall called Westlake Center which had been under construction for the previous year.  The construction seemed to be over, and there were a lot of new stores in it.  Mike and I found a coffee equipment store called Seattle Coffee Gear.  We had been to that store before, but it was miles north of Seattle and we had to drive to get there.  We discovered that they were opening new branches of their store, and this branch was one of the new ones.  Mike bought a bigger French press so that he can make coffee for him and me at the same time instead of having to make the cups one at a time.  I was just about to leave the store when I saw that they were giving away samples of Rishi organic tea, the same kind as my tangerine ginger tea that morning!  Once I saw that they sold Rishi tea I bought a small packet of their loose leaf tea as well.

Mike bought some sheet music for a classical guitar piece.  I had never heard of it before, but he’s been practicing that a little most evenings, and I really enjoy listening to him.  I have promised to post a picture of Mike playing his electric guitar, but unfortunately he’s mostly been playing his classical lately so I haven’t had the opportunity.  Hopefully in the next blog post!

My running has been going pretty strong.  I did 12 miles yesterday, and it will be another 12 miles next week.  I think the strength training this time around is really helping because I haven’t had any knee problems in a long time.

Run around Green Lake on Saturday...

Run around Green Lake on Saturday…

One night last week Mike and I were settling in to watch Mr. Selfridge Mike decided that he felt like popcorn.  We dug out the old, old air pop popper that I bought in Yonkers five years ago as a spur-of-the-moment purchase.  It hasn’t gotten much use (any use, actually) since I discovered that the brand of organic popcorn kernels I had been buying didn’t work correctly in the popper.  The kernels were a little smaller and lighter than regular popcorn and so they flew unpopped right out of the air popper as soon as it started blowing hot air.  This time though I had some organic normal-sized kernels from PCC.  We tentatively dumped a quarter cup of popcorn into the air popper and plugged it in.  It immediately start spinning the kernels around and literally 30 seconds later we had a big bowl of fluffy popcorn.  I was completely amazed by how quickly and accurately it worked.  Other people may be blown away by computers, wireless internet, etc, but I’m still stuck on how amazing common kitchen tools are.  🙂

Yesterday I made up chicken rice soup.  In addition to the veggies recommended for the soup I threw in green beans, peas, and corn from the CSA produce that I get each week.  Last week I got beets, which I’ve never been a huge fan of, but thrown into smoothies along with other fruit and veggies seems to mask their taste so that I get the health benefits without the taste.  The only downside is that beet juice is seriously purple.  Very seriously purple.  I’m afraid if I make too many beet-based smoothies I’ll permanently stain my blender and my teeth purple.  I’ve sometimes wondered how people used to get dyes for clothing from plants, but as long as they had beets around they would have at least been set as far as purple dye.  I can’t even cut up a beet without staining my fingers.

Yesterday evening Mike and I went for a 3 mile run together.  Mike has been running more regularly since the 5k we did together several weeks ago and I can outrun him on flat or downhill terrain, but he pretty much dominates the uphill running.  It’s nice that we’re getting out to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather!  It has been dry, sunny, and warm for the past couple of months.  We’re supposed to have a high of 94 degrees today (!!) and then it’ll drop down to the 80’s tomorrow and the 70’s on Wednesday (with some rain and strong winds in there… pretty inevitable when you get a twenty-degree temperature drop in a couple of days).


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  1. Lia K

    Have you and/or Mike seen the movie “Pollock” with Ed Harris? It came out back in 2000 and it’s one of my faves! Also, I just rented “Mr. Selfridge”-Season 1 from the library, so I’m looking forward to watching more episodes!

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