A low-key weekend

Mike’s week-long team project for improving the manufacturing process for one of the projects he’s working on is finished!  What a relief!  He was working long hours all of last week.  And when he did come home, it was typically late and he was typically wound up and only really up for thinking about work.  Unsurprisingly after his hard work all week, he had a headache on Saturday morning.  That did make us realize that he has been getting far fewer headaches the past several months though.  It’s probably the working out and healthier eating, because he also got far fewer headaches when we were going through the P90X exercise program last year.  It’s hard to believe that it’s already been about a year since we started that program.  I still remember all of the jokes the lead trainer says in all of the DVDs even though we haven’t done any P90X workouts in probably 8 months.  It’s amazing how that stuff stays with you!  🙂

Work has started relaxing a little for me, which has been really nice.  Mike’s work will be more relaxing now that last week is over as well.  You would think that we would have been raring to go this weekend, but we were both still pretty tired from work and laid low.

On Saturday morning I woke up planning to run and then realized it was raining.  I dawdled getting ready to go hoping that it would stop, but it seemed to be raining pretty determinedly.  Finally I gave up, put on a raincoat and went for a run anyway.  I was expecting to be a little miserable, but the misty rain actually felt really refreshing after a hot, dry summer of running in primarily 80 degree heat with the sun beating down on my head.  I ended up running 10 miles at a very relaxed pace and having a really good time.  I also saw an adorable orange cat.

He had striking pale green eyes!

He had striking pale green eyes!

On another running note, I convinced several guys at work to run the Seattle half marathon, and they insisted that they’d only run it if I ran it too.  So… that’s how I ended up committed to a half marathon in Vancouver in October and another one in Seattle in November.  I’ve already decided that I’m taking it easy for the Seattle one though… the Vancouver race will be the one that I really race.  That will also be the race where Mike runs his first 10k.  He’s gotten pretty adept at 5k’s though.  Mike and I are actually running a 5k in Fremont next weekend.  That should be fun!  It’s part of the Fremont Oktoberfest festival, and Fremont always gets really bustling and crowded during Oktoberfest.  So fun!  🙂

Greenlake during one of my runs...

Greenlake during one of my runs…

Mike played a lot of guitar this weekend, and I listened to him while I made up some ratatouille with all of the fresh vegetables from our CSA produce this week.  I got some artichokes, which traditionally I have no idea what to do with, but this time I just threw them on top of the ratatouille.  Why not, right?  What is one more vegetable on top of a vegetable dish going to hurt?  Just as a reference in case anyone decides to actually make this recipe, the artichokes on the top actually got kind of charred.  I didn’t mind; I like charred vegetables.  If you don’t, though, the artichokes aren’t necessarily recommended.  🙂  I also made up some chicken risotto for Mike as well and made some mediterranean snow peas.  Lots of CSA-related cooking!

Snow peas!

Snow peas!

Mike fixed our vacuum cleaner with some parts that he ordered from Hoover.  Apparently there was some rubber seal that wasn’t sealing anymore.  As a precaution, Mike ordered several parts from Hoover in case the rubber seal alone didn’t fix the problem.  When he showed me the parts he bought, one of them was the plastic front piece of the vacuum.  Whereas our current front piece had the Hoover brand all over it, the new one was completely blank.  Knowing Mike’s history of de-badging cars, my mouth dropped open.

“Did you de-badge our vacuum cleaner?”

Mike started laughing.  “No.  By default the part doesn’t come with the Hoover logo.  You have to pay extra for that.  But if I would have thought of it, I would have de-badged the vacuum cleaner.”

I felt a modicum of relief.  I thought maybe in the absence of recent car work he was redirecting his car interests into our vacuum cleaner.  De-badging is fairly benign, but somehow I could picture Mike researching superchargers for vacuum cleaners and pointing out how great our carpet looked compared to everyone else’s carpet with our newly supercharged Hoover.  What a relief that his ‘debadging’ of our vacuum cleaner was entirely accidental.  😉

Since using the dishwasher has been saving me so much time, I’ve started to make other efficiency improvements as well.  For instance, I’m no longer folding socks and underwear before I put them away.  (Yes, I did that… it’s a little embarrassing to admit.)  I think I’m realizing that there’s a point at which you get diminishing returns for the work that you do.  And when it comes to folding underwear, that law of diminishing returns catches up to you very quickly!  Mike hasn’t been complaining, so I suspect he hasn’t even noticed.  So, I get an extra few minutes back in every day from that.

On Friday night Mike and I got a little dressed up and went out to dinner at Boom Noodle.  It was a very relaxing evening!

Dressed up and ready to go!

Dressed up and ready to go!

On Saturday night Mike and I went for a long drive, ostensibly to see the Northern Lights, which were supposed to possibly be visible in the Pacific Northwest last night, but mostly just because we wanted to go for a drive.  As it turned out, we didn’t see even the remotest tinge of color in the northern sky.  We did see constellations, though, which we hadn’t seen in a long time given Seattle’s general cloudiness and the fact that the sky is pretty lit up with all the Seattle lights where we live.  We also saw a beautiful half bright yellow moon.  Typically the moon looks white, but last night it was most definitely yellow.  We also drove past the Boeing factory and saw what looked like an Aer Lingus airplane being assembled (if the green tail was any indication).  On the way north towards Everett we listened to the new Maroon 5 album, which I mostly like.  The lyrics are universally cheesy for all of the songs, but this is Maroon 5 we’re talking about.  They’re not exactly known for their compelling lyrics; they’re really mostly known for Adam Levine’s striking tenor voice.  And despite the lyric cheesiness, the songs are almost all really catchy, so much so that I sang along to the cheesy lyrics.  On the way back we listened to the new Wiz Khalifa album.  I really like most of the songs on that, and it provided an excellent introspective album that was a good complement to the fluffiness of the Maroon 5 album.

I hope everyone has had a low-key, relaxing weekend as well and feels ready to tackle the upcoming week!  How do weekends always go by so fast?



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5 responses to “A low-key weekend

  1. Nate Danenberg

    It’s good to get dressed up once and a while. You’re really quite pretty. That image is a good one to keep in Mike’s head.

  2. Lia K

    Boom Noodle! Did they have your Jameson ready for you when you walked in the door? (Yes fellow readers, Karena happens to be some sort of a legend…or princess (?) at this fabulous restaurant! The waiters ARE good at being able to determine what their customers might enjoy. I’ve seen it first hand!)
    A really great picture of you all dressed up for the evening! Is that the new MAC Eye Kohl liner I spy?winkwink

    • Haha! Yes, Michael had my Jameson ready… as always! 🙂 What a great guy! Yes, that is def the MAC eye liner… you have an amazing eye for detail LJ… and amazing makeup recommendations! 😉

  3. Lia K

    Glad you are enjoying the new eyeliner! It looks amazing on you. You applied it JUST right…It makes your beautiful blue eyes glow even more.:)

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