A Series of Unfortunate Events (actually only mildly unfortunate)

This has been a roller-coaster of a week.

Not in any ways that are too major, but in a lot of little ways.  For instance, a few days ago, Mike woke up before the alarm and got up to get a drink of water.  He didn’t turn on any lights, and the next thing I heard was the distinct sound of shattering glass.

“What happened?” I called out, even though it was pretty obvious what had happened.

“I dropped the glass,” Mike called back.

I lay in bed enjoying the warmth for three extra seconds, before I called out, “Don’t move!” and scrambled out of bed and out to the kitchen to turn on the lights.

Yup.  There was Mike, standing at the kitchen counter amid some cracked and splintered glass.  I picked up the big pieces, and Mike brushed up the small pieces on the kitchen counter.  Then Mike started vacuuming the floor around that area while I emptied Piper’s water fountain and cleaned it, since that was near where the glass had shattered.

Everything was going very efficiently until the portable air conditioner in our apartment came on, and then all the lights went out.  No more sounds… not of the air conditioner or the vacuum cleaner.  Mike and I were completely still in the darkness for a moment, and then I heard Mike’s voice.

“And that’s why we don’t run the vacuum cleaner and the air conditioner at the same time.”


“Because we blew a fuse.”

“Oh.  Can you fix it?”

Mike fortunately has enough flashlights around that he knew exactly where to go to find a flashlight.  And, of course, he knew exactly where the fusebox was.  He opened it and peered at the switches.  He tried flipping the one labeled ‘Kitchen’.  No dice.  He looked at the panel some more, shrugged, and flipped the one for ‘General’.  Voila!  All the lights came on.

By the time everything was said and done, Piper had a squeaky clean water fountain, we had one fewer water glass, and Mike and I just managed to get out the door for work on time.

This is just one example.

Here’s another one.

I went to a late yoga class on Monday night, and Mike offered to pick me up afterwards.  He picked me up, drove home, and parked in our parking garage.  Then he reached over to pick up his house key which was in the center console of the car… and it fell.  Apparently between the seat and the center console.

Mike pulled out a flashlight (this guy has flashlights EVERYWHERE I promise you!) and climbed around on the front seat looking for where it could have fallen.  He couldn’t find anything.  He tried again, this time from the backseat.  No dice.  After five minutes, I offered to give it a try.  Mike turned the flashlight over to me, and I essentially did a headstand on the floor in the backseat shining the flashlight every which way.  It seemed surprisingly clean under there (this is Mike’s car we’re talking about after all), but that only served to make it more obvious that the key wasn’t there.  I tried my modified headstand again, this time from the front seat shining the light back.  Still, nothing.  We tried the seat cushions.  Nothing.

Mike sighed.  “It’s probably inside of the seat.  I don’t know it could fall in there, but there is a small hole in the side where the seat belt buckle comes out.”

I looked at the small hole.  “It just seems so farfetched that it would fall in a hole that small!”

“Yeah, I know… but where else could it be?”

I sat up.  “What does that mean… you have to take the seat apart?”

Mike shrugged.

I groaned.

“Hey,” Mike said.  “Did you check under the floor mat?”

“Why would I check under the floor mat?” I asked.  “A key can’t fall under a floor mat.”

Nevertheless, I pulled up the floor mat, and Voila.  There was the key nestled under the edge of the floor mat.  I’m still not sure how it fell under there, but I guess stranger things have happened.  And when you’ve just discovered that you don’t have to actually take apart an upholstery assembly, you’re not typically in the mood to overanalyze the reasons you don’t have to.

So it’s been that kind of a week.  🙂

One piece of interesting news, though, is that after many years of delay I’m FINALLY starting yoga teacher training in November!  All of the pieces fell together exactly right, so I’ll be spending some evenings and weekends taking training classes from November until late June.  I am pretty much beyond excited, and Mike has been extremely supportive.  What a guy.  😉  I’ve started some of the reading for the class just to get a head start (because apparently there are some habits from college that die hard), but apart from that I’m just enjoying the yoga classes I’m taking and really focusing on running, since I have a half marathon to run before the training starts!  So if all goes well, I should be certified by the Yoga Alliance to teach yoga by the end of June.  Exciting!

Speaking of running, the new Brooks running headquarters is officially open in Wallingford!  I heard through the grapevine that they might be starting a running club… perfect for Mike and me!  🙂

Brooks running!

Brooks running!

Mike and I have been watching Game of Thrones season 4, and there are only 10 shows in the entire season.  Kind of disappointing, given how addicting the show is.  We’ve been trying to keep ourselves to one each week so that the show lasts longer, but it’s been difficult, and we’ve already watched two so far this week so we’re not exactly batting 1000 here (1000 is a good batting score… isn’t it?  My lack of baseball knowledge is surpassed only by my lack of golf knowledge.).

Veering completely off-topic, I have noticed something really bizarre about weather.com (which I use to determine the weather rather than just looking out the window.  Because, really.  We’re living in an age of technology.  Why would I look out a window and actually interact with the physical world when I can pull out my smart phone and limit my interactions only to pixels?).  Before about a month ago, the chance of rain always displayed in increments of 10% (i.e. 10%, 30%, 90%), but recently the chance of rain started to be displayed in 1% increments.  And, furthermore and somewhat bizarrely, it is extremely likely to rain if the chance of rain is 1%.  Twice this week, while walking to work, I have gotten unexpectedly rained on even though weather.com cheerfully proclaimed that the chance of rain was only 1%.  As a computer programmer, I have a theory about the buggy code that’s causing this, but I won’t bore you with the details.  Regardless, I’m not going to get the chance to look through their code and fix it, so in lieu of that I’ve just started carrying an umbrella with me to work when the forecast calls for a 1% chance of rain.  And, really, I live in Seattle.  I should be carrying an umbrella to work every day anyway.  🙂

1% chance of rain?  I don't think so...

1% chance of rain? I don’t think so…

Mike has continued to play his guitar pretty regularly.  He got some little black box that can simulate guitar amplifiers so that he can play his electric guitar at night and the sound goes into the box and from there into his headphones rather than going into his big guitar amp and potentially keeping everyone on our floor awake.  What a great invention!  (Although I enjoy listening to him play, so it’s a little bit of a bummer for me!)

Not the best pic of Mike's new guitar, but I didn't want to disturb him...

Not the best pic of Mike’s new guitar, but I didn’t want to disturb him…


I hope everyone else is enjoying their week!



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2 responses to “A Series of Unfortunate Events (actually only mildly unfortunate)

  1. karen

    surely a man of mike’s talents can split a headphone jack for you.
    I sympathize with the car thing. I have lost CDs, credit cards and even keys in my car. there’s some kind of small crevice somewhere because they are are still lost. maybe an alternate universe?

    • Actually, that’s a great thought… I bet Mike could do something about that! 🙂 I always wonder about that parallel universe kind of idea… there are some things I’ve lost that I literally am positive just disappeared!

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