A Vancouver race and dealing with fruit flies

What has been occupying Mike’s and my time lately?

Lots of things!  For starters, Mike and I went to Vancouver over the weekend for a race.  Let’s talk about this Vancouver trip.  I was the one who planned the trip, since I was the one who wanted to do the half marathon.  I took the liberty of signing Mike up for the 10k race even though he had previously only done 5k’s.  Last week was SO BUSY at work, and I ended up working later than usual on Friday night.  When I left work on Friday I had that uncomfortable feeling that Mike and I were going on a trip the next day, and I had literally hadn’t really planned anything.  I looked way back in my emails to find out the name and address of the hotel where I’d made a reservation.  And then I remembered at the last minute that we’d need to bring our passports.  Yeah, it was that kind of last-minute trip.

Mike and I had a mini cleaning fest Friday night (yes, we live wild out here) because we had Piper’s cat sitter coming in to feed Piper and we wanted the house presentable.  On Saturday we packed up our stuff and got out of the house by 11:30am so that we could make it to Vancouver before 5pm, which was when the race expo closed where we would pick up our race bibs and timing chips.

Our trip to Vancouver was pretty uneventful except that an hour into the trip Mike said that he wished it were raining because he likes driving in the rain.  Twenty minutes later it started pouring rain, and it continued pouring rain for the remainder of our drive and on through the night in Vancouver.  Mike definitely got his wish!  🙂  The lines at the CA border were long… we ended up waiting for about 50min as cars inched forward.  Mike and I passed the time by listening to music and discovered there are a surprising number of French radio stations in Canada.  We also commented on cars (which is a surprisingly fun pastime that Mike and I have perfected.  We’re not always nice in our remarks, though, so it’s definitely not a good game to play with your windows down and the possibility that the car’s owners can hear us.  Everything from the pattern on the rims to aftermarket mufflers to the quality of the paint job to the presence of dents in the side panels is up for discussion.)  When we finally got up to the front of the line, though, we were waved through pretty quickly.  Interestingly, one of the questions we were asked before we were allowed into Canada was whether we had recently been to New York or Texas… clearly the Canadians are taking Ebola seriously!

Once in Canada we got a little turned around finding our hotel.  This was mostly due to the fact that the Dunsmuir Viaduct was in fact only labeled ‘Viaduct’.  Apparently Vancouver-ites only have one viaduct and don’t call it by its full name.  Once we realized the ‘Viaduct’ referred to the Dunsmuir Viaduct, though, we were good and found our hotel quickly.  We had the option of self-parking or valet parking in the hotel parking garage.  Mike opted to self-park and found a spot in a corner where it was unlikely that any other cars would come close enough to dent our car.  We checked in and were pleasantly surprised to find that we were on the 14th floor and had a really nice view of the other tall buildings in the city.  We were ready for dinner but had to get to the race expo to pick up our bibs and timing chips.  We wandered through the race expo and ended up buying matching race shirts.  Upon returning to the hotel, we discovered that the two things I had told Mike to pack himself, his toothbrush and his deodorant, had not been packed.  We went out in the pouring rain and found a drugstore at which we could buy supplies and then when we got back to the hotel, we discovered that I had forgotten my toothbrush as well.  It was definitely that kind of trip.  🙂  But who cares, right?  We were bumming around Vancouver together and it was all a fun adventure.  🙂

The morning of the race we both woke up early, ate our energy bars, and headed for the start line.  We had figured that we’d probably be running through the rain given how much it had been pouring the night before, but surprisingly the rain stopped around 4am so although everything was kind of muddy, there wasn’t any rain coming down.  I hadn’t done much research on the course itself, but I did know that the 10k started half an hour earlier than the half marathon and that we’d have to walk about a mile to get to the start line for the 10k and that the start line for the half marathon was a block away from our hotel.  Since I had an extra half hour before my race started, I walked with Mike to the start of the 10k.  There were a lot of people heading towards the race!  I was surprised by how many!

Lots of people!

Lots of people!

I guess I should have expected it, though.  It was an inaugural event, and it was part of the world-famous Rock ‘n’ Roll set of races.  The race itself was really enjoyable.  My knee was still not quite recovered, so I didn’t run as fast as I would have liked, but that was fine.  It was a gorgeous day, a gorgeous course, and a very fun city!  🙂  Mike ran his first 10k ever and finished in just under an hour.  Go Mike!!  🙂

Mike ready to rock the 10k!

Mike ready to rock the 10k!


The race medals for finishing the race were really cool… apparently there’s a Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver, and the medals showed the lion statues guarding either end of the bridge!

Lions from Lion's Gate Bridge

Lions from Lion’s Gate Bridge

As far as Halloween, we were fully planning on dressing up and going out to a party.  However, Mike was also looking for a good time to put in a new oxygen sensor in our car, and as it turned out October evening was the only time that really worked for him to install it.  He found a place south of Seattle where you can rent a vehicle bay by the hour, complete with a lift and tools, and do your own car work even if you don’t have your own garage.  How convenient!  So Mike picked me up after work on Friday and we drove down there together.  I was moderately helpful by holding up my cell phone as a flashlight for Mike, but apart from that I didn’t do much of anything.  Mike had the old O2 sensor off and the new one on in no time!

Mike's handiwork

Mike’s handiwork

When we got home from changing the O2 sensor, we saw that our neighbors had the most adorable idea for pumpkin decorating that didn’t involve any messy pumpkin carving!  I am so jealous that I didn’t come up with the idea first, because these mummy-pumpkins are literally the cutest Halloween decorations I’ve ever seen!  I am seriously in love with these pumpkins.

Googly eyes and gauze wrapping for the win!

Googly eyes and gauze wrapping for the win!

I did a run this weekend… not quite as long as usual, but it was a beautiful day for running around Lake Union!

West shore of Lake Union

West shore of Lake Union

I got stuck on the Fremont Bridge because the drawbridge went up so I stopped and took pictures of the sailboats coming up to go under the drawbridge.




Tonight Mike and I are going over to a friend’s house, so that will be really fun and relaxing!

In other completely unrelated news, I feel like Mike and I have seen natural selection occurring right before our eyes in our apartment.  🙂  We had about fifteen fruit flies in our apartment about a month ago.  (Mike blames the fruit flies on my CSA produce and I blame it on his bananas.)  😉  Either way, I did online research on how to get rid of fruit flies, and I saw that the recommended way was to put an inch of apple cider vinegar in a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap with holes poked in it.  The idea is that the fruit flies fly in the holes, attracted by the vinegar, but can’t figure out how to get out again.  And then they die.  Honestly, I like quick deaths rather than slow ones even for undesirable bugs, but there weren’t any suggested ways of getting rid of fruit flies that were quick.  So I set out the apple cider vinegar and waited.  Almost all of the fruit flies went into the vinegar and died.  Crazy!  However, there were still two fruit flies flying around that apparently didn’t like apple cider vinegar.  And those will be the two that are probably reproducing in our apartment somewhere as we speak.  Survival of those who do not like apple cider vinegar!  🙂

I hope everyone is having a good Halloween weekend!  🙂



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  1. Nate Danenberg

    Some people like the look of pumpkins wrapped in gauze and some people like the look of a clean, efficient repair.

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