2015… New Beginnings!

Happy 2015!

Mike and I spent a very low-key NYE because Mike was still getting his energy back from his cold.  He has been drinking lots of tea and honey lately (thanks for the honey, Dad!).

Wintery weather has finally returned to Seattle… and by wintery I mean low 30’ish degrees and (somehow?) sunny.  Typically we’d be getting constant rain by this time of year, but somehow we’ve avoided that so far.  Surprisingly I don’t mind too much.  😉  Although I haven’t been working for a couple of weeks, it feels like I have been so busy!  My first Monday off of work I went through the pantry and threw out expired food.  Clearly I have some sort of process problem, because there was expired soup I threw out from January of 2013… two years expired!  This is the problem with staying in an apartment for more than one year.  Traditionally every time I moved apartments I would do things like throw out all expired food and thus I never had food that was more than one year from its expiration date.  I also did some general house cleaning, went to the grocery store, finally got caught up on responding to emails, and finished one of the books for my yoga teacher training class.  Tuesday I cleaned all the floors in the apartment, cleaned Piper’s litterbox, did more general house-cleaning, made Beef Teriyaki for Mike, wrote a paper for my yoga teacher training class, and worked out hard-core with Mike (as many bench presses as we could do, 50 burpees, 50 box jumps, 50 kettlebell swings… etc!).

Beef Teriyaki

Beef Teriyaki

I think the beef teriyaki turned out well… it looked like real beef teriyaki should look.  But I had to ask Mike whether it tasted good or not… that seems like a bad sign.  If it was really good he would have thought of saying something on his own, right?

I also made up some turkey burgers for Mike, and we had a philosophical difference as to what ingredients should go into a turkey burger.  I was pretty sure that you put in bread crumbs, eggs, parsley, and possibly a few other spices.  Mike contended that adding bread crumbs to ground turkey was basically making a turkey meatloaf, not turkey burgers, and that all I needed to do was shape the ground turkey into patties and then cook them.  I found multiple recipes on allrecipes.com to back me up, but Mike said that of course a recipe site would include additional ingredients.  “They can’t just make a recipe for turkey burgers with one ingredient,” he said.  “That would look stupid.  So they have to throw a bunch of other stuff in.  That doesn’t mean that’s the way a turkey burger should be made.”  Eventually we landed on a compromise.  I did not add the bread crumbs and eggs, which were the most egregious ingredients to Mike (odd, since he really likes both bread and eggs), but I did add some delicious freshly dried parsley (a Christmas gift from Mike’s mom… thank you, Marcia!) and minced garlic.  The final verdict was rather underwhelming because Mike told me they seemed tasty but too overdone.  Apparently I overcook turkey burgers.  Oh well.  Live and learn.  🙂  The good news was that Mike thought the taste was good underneath the overdone-ness, so we can probably stick with our recipe compromise.

Mike and I had been watching at least part of a Top Gear episode most evenings lately, and last week we saw an absolutely hilarious episode in which Jeremy, Richard, and James tried to construct a hovercraft out of a Ford van to provide people living in constantly flooded areas of the UK a method of transportation.  The youtube video I linked to is just a clip, but the whole episode is hilarious.  I don’t think Mike and I have laughed so hard in a long time.

We also discovered somewhat by accident that we both enjoy watching boxing, so we ended up watching some boxing highlight matches from 2014.  Fun!  🙂

On the flight on the way back from Michigan Mike and I were in a Boeing 737 which plays one single movie during the flight (unlike the bigger aircraft which let you choose from a selection of movies).  I was hopeful that watching a movie would make the time pass by more quickly, so I waited expectantly as the airline stewardess announced the movie: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I wrinkled my nose and turned to look at Mike.  Of all the movies on the planet, that had to be one in which I had less than no interest in watching.  I never saw the draw of martial art fighting turtles, even back in the 80s when they were such a huge thing.  However, the movie turned out to be pretty entertaining for two primary reasons.

1) We didn’t pay for the headphones to hear the movie, so we were free to add in our own dialog, which I have no doubt was more entertaining than the real thing.

2) Will Arnett is always hilarious to watch.  Arrested Development, anyone?

Also, Mike knew more about the turtles than I did.  Apparently they were trained by an old ninja rat and were the result of some crazy science experiment (who isn’t?  Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, etc.  etc.  etc.).

I’m hoping the jet engine was too noisy for any of our surrounding neighbors to hear how enthusiastically we were adding our own dialog.  The guy on the other side of me was wearing headphones, so I’m hoping for the best.  I don’t want to ruin anyone else’s experiences with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Also, for those of you who have been waiting for the FINAL set of pictures from our England/Ireland trip in April, here they are!  https://www.flickr.com/photos/m_danenberg/sets/72157649670295949/

Both Mike and I are ready for 2015.  I threw out some old clothes this morning to symbolically ring in 2015.  Discarding the old… and ready for the new!  I wish everyone an amazing 2015!



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9 responses to “2015… New Beginnings!

  1. Nate Danenberg

    To Limerick a Horgan went flying – Her ancestors grave to be eyeing
    In Killarney a race – But not in first place
    An egg cup she won for the trying.

  2. Nate Danenberg

    Limericks aren’t easy to master – I can’t make the rhyming go faster
    The pay isn’t good – I’d get misunderstood
    My career would end in disaster.

  3. Jim Armantrout

    Karen, Glad Mike is using the honey! When you get a chance please send mom the recipe for the teriyaki. P.S. Nate’s limerick was quite good. I suspect you may not have heard the last of limerick’s from him 😉 Love Dad

  4. Lia K

    Can’t…stop…laughing…over that eppy clip from “Top Gear”!

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