Starting to enjoy summer!

Last week was a week of working during the day and getting the house more cleaned up at night.  We’re getting to the point where the main things left to organize are Mike’s office room and the shoes in the bedroom closet.  Not so bad!  🙂

We also got our new dining room table yesterday, which is weird.  I literally haven’t had a dining room table in so long that I barely know what to do with it.  I’ve been eating on the couch and (in our more recent apartment) at a kitchen bar area for years now.  Actually, I was thinking back, and the last time I had a dining room table was when I lived in my second apartment in Heritage Hill, and that was over five and a half years ago.  Time definitely flies.  So I’ll have to take some time to get used to that.  🙂  Mike, who values eating food at a table and not getting crumbs on the couch, is definitely ready for the transition.  😉

Two weekends ago I had another yoga teacher training weekend, which meant I didn’t have time to do much else.  The topics were very interesting though!  As always, the time went by really quickly!  I was just looking at the class schedule the other day and I realized that there are only two weekends left plus the final four-day retreat at the end.  This class has gone by really fast!  It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this since early November!

This past weekend was the first weekend in awhile in which Mike and I didn’t feel like there was anything super pressing to do, so we relaxed.  Well, mostly.  Mike cleaned all of the grout in the upstairs bathroom on Sunday afternoon while I went crazy in the kitchen.  I basically used every pot I owned, and made a chicken and broccoli stirfry over rice, a dozen hard-boiled eggs, a huge pan of vegetables roasted in coconut oil  (Thank you for the tip about the coconut oil, LJ!), and a batch of banana avocado muffins.  It was quite the afternoon!  I started with chopping up all the vegetables for the roasted vegetables, because that part’s so easy… no thinking and no recipe required!  The veggies this week included yams, potatoes, beets, and asparagus.  When I got ready to coat the vegetables in coconut oil, I had a little bit of a shock because the coconut oil was more of a solid than a liquid,  Then I remembered (pretty belatedly) that coconut oil is almost purely saturated fat, and that saturated fats are solid at room temperature.  Fine time for my nutrition classes to make an appearance.  However you don’t get to be my age without having a little ingenuity.  I turned to the trusty microwave, and a minute later my kitchen literally smelled like a tropical paradise.  Yum!  🙂



Next up was the chicken stirfry, and there were no surprises there (except that by the time I’d steamed the broccoli, cooked the rice, and made up the chicken mixture, I’d used three pots.  That seemed a little excessive.

Three pans later...

Three pans later…

Next I put the eggs on to boil while I mixed up the banana avocado muffin batter.  The banana avocado muffins were really out of character for me to make, honestly, but I had a two-fold goal.  One: I had three bananas that were really going bad and needed to be used ASAP.  Two: I had just bought a muffin tin and was ready to take it for a spin.  Oh, and I guess a third reason was because I wanted to feel like I was feeding Mike something reasonably healthy.  I watched Mike closely as he ate his first muffin, hot from the oven.  I was pretty afraid he’d notice the green tinge to the muffins and not even give them a chance, but fortunately he was too tired from cleaning the grout and didn’t even notice.  He started chewing away while I watched him intently.  After wolfing down a third of the muffin Mike became aware that I was watching him.  He started chewing more slowly.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing.  Do you like the muffins.”

“Yeah, they’re good.”




Mike started chewing even more slowly and glanced at the muffin in his hand.

“Really.  Why do you keep asking?”

“Nothing.  Well, I mean, it’s just that they’re healthy.”

Mike stopped chewing altogether and set his muffin down on the table.  “How healthy?” he asked suspiciously.  “What’s not in here that should be, or in here that shouldn’t be?”

When I told him it was avocado, he seemed half apalled, half relieved.

“Well, all right then,” he said, as he stared at the muffin and started to realize that its color was a little unusual.

Mike wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the muffins though.  On Tuesday I was on my way home from work talking to my Mom on the phone.  I was just telling her about Piper’s strict diet and how she’s not allowed grains of any kind as I approached our house.  My voice started to trail off as I realized that there was an upside down muffin on the bottom stair just inside the door.  Good grief!  I pulled open the door and examined the muffin.  She had definitely eaten some off of the top and had torn the muffin wrapper and eaten another little chunk out of the bottom, but most of the muffin seemed in one piece.  So there was at least a fair chance that there wouldn’t be huge litterbox consequences to pay for her indiscretion.  I went to look at the muffin pan, because I had left all of the muffins in the muffin tin covered with a sheet of aluminum foil.  Sure enough, Piper had chewed a hole all the way through the aluminum foil directly above one of the corner muffins.  She had then apparently discovered that the foil lifted up, because the foil was also bent upwards in the corner, and the single muffin in the corner had been removed from the tin.  Piper was mewing and seemed all around very pleased with herself.  She had “caught” the muffin and had presented most of it to us as a gift on the stairs, the same way that she would likely leave us part of any mouse she caught.  I guess there are many worse things that a cat could leave on my kitchen steps… I’m probably lucky.  😉

Since the weather has been so lovely lately, Mike and I have been taking a lot of walks.  We’ve found some fun and interesting things.

I fell in love with this old beetle... too bad it wasn't for sale.

I fell in love with this old beetle… too bad it wasn’t for sale.

We also discovered that we are literally right around the corner from a fire station.  Which hopefully we’ll never need, but it’s good to have it there, right?

Love the Piper cat on top!  :)

Love the Piper cat on top! 🙂


There’s still work that Mike and I are actively doing with the house as well.  Mike did some paint touch-up stuff after work this week.

Hard at work!  At his second job, which is owning a house

Hard at work! At his second job, which is owning a house


Piper has been loving the warmer weather lately too.  She spends lots of time at windows!

Keeping an eye on the street outside

Keeping an eye on the street outside


Lounging in the sunshine

Lounging in the sunshine


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys beautiful weather!  🙂


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