Tuesday – the new Friday

This weekend Mike wanted to take a look around the Microsoft store to see what new stuff they have out these days and when we walked into the store everything seemed to be advertising Minecraft.  I have to preface this by saying that I really don’t know anything about Minecraft at all.  I have some vague sense that it’s a computer game of some sort, but that’s about my only knowledge of it.  Mike didn’t know a lot either, but he did know that it was almost a lego version of a computer game where you obtain materials and use those to construct other things and eventually you can construct really complex things.  Mike was kind of interested, so he launched the game that was installed on one of the demo laptops in the store and started playing.  He basically started out in a giant field surrounded by cows.  He started running around trying to figure out what he was supposed to do and accidentally ran into a cow and somehow ended up punching the cow.  The cow jumped in the air, ran around in circles, and generally didn’t seem too happy.  I can’t really blame it.  I wouldn’t be too happy about being punched by a random stranger either, even if I were only a digital cow.  The cow finally stopped running around and Mike tried pressing some buttons to see if he could pick up some sticks near the cow, but he only succeeded in punching the cow again.  “Michael!” I screeched as the cow commenced its running around in circles.  “Stop punching that cow!”

“I’m not trying to punch the cow,” Mike said while trying to get into a non-cow area to experiment with keyboard shortcuts.  “I’m pretty sure the point to this game is to build things, not to punch cows.”

It was a fun time.  🙂

We’re a couple weeks into the CSA produce season now, and so far I’m doing really well finishing up all the produce.  This week I made up sautéed radishes and greens, curried kale, a beef parsnip stew, and a pan of a variety of roasted vegetables.  The start of the CSA season is always so refreshing when I just get a fresh load of interesting produce every week!  By the end of the season I’m always wondering what on earth I am going to do with another five zucchini, but at this stage of the process it’s all still fun and new and exciting.  🙂  I’m picking up a CSA load today, and I’m excited because I’ll be getting bok choy.  There’s not much I like better than some bok choy… either in a salad, sauteed, or wilted in soup.  Just kidding.  There are definitely things I like better than bok choy.  But I do really like bok choy.  🙂

In other news, this is the best thing I have seen on the internet in a really long time: Orphaned wallaby has a friend.  Actually, it’s the best thing I’ve seen since the whole knitting sweaters for penguins thing started circulating around the internet.  If you haven’t seen either of those articles, I have probably just made your whole year.  You are welcome.  🙂

The weather here has finally cooled down a little… now we’re in the low eighties instead of the low nineties.  I’ll take it!  🙂  As much as I love the hot weather in general, the plants around our house get really parched when it’s sunny and 90 degrees for a week straight.

I saw an interesting article about which countries consume the most meat, and (unsurprisingly?) the U.S. is near the top of the list.  What I found more interesting is that no European countries made the list.  Also Scotland just banned the growth of GMO crops.  While the U.S. is still (apparently?) afraid to require mandatory labeling of GMOs for fear of rising food costs (or because of the millions of dollars chemical giant Monsato is pouring into anti-GMO advertising!), other countries are skipping mandatory labeling entirely and going straight to just outlawing the growth of GMOs altogether.  Interesting!

Speaking of Legos (which I was earlier in the blog post, and apparently my mind jumps around), Mike and I saw the most fun, interesting documentary about the history of the Lego company called Brickumentary!  We both grew up with legos, so we really enjoyed seeing the history of the company from an adult perspective.  We also learned that there’s a huge Lego expo each year in Seattle called Brick Con.  I had vaguely heard of Brick Con, but definitely didn’t know any of the details.  Mike and I will likely go this year, though, so that we can check out everyone’s cool Lego creations!  Probably as a result of the movie, Mike and I headed to one of the Lego stores in the Seattle area and looked at a bunch of the Lego sets.  Lego has come SO FAR from where it was twenty years ago!  I look at some of the Lego sets available now and think how much I would have wanted those as a kid.  What a great, creative toy!

Mike has really been committed to his new job and has been learning up a storm!  This weekend, though, we were both ready for some down time.  On Saturday we ran errands most of the day, and on Sunday we just relaxed and did a few errands (namely watering the plants, paying bills, and paperwork), but nothing too strenuous.  Piper loved having us home and loved having Mike around all day.  She loves playing with him.  Also, he tends to give her more salmon treats than I would.  So he’s always a more fun person for her to have around.  This evening, Piper was prowling around the kitchen mewing a little and Mike asked her if she’d like some salmon.  Yes please!  Piper ran to the drawer that holds the salmon and started mewing maniacally.  So apparently Piper now knows the word ‘salmon’!  Clearly we’re going to need to start spelling things.  Although it’s interesting that she learned ‘salmon’ in just a month or so whereas other words like ‘sit’, she still hasn’t gotten the hang of.  I’m going to call it selective learning.  😉

Last night Mike and I started watching a movie called Ex Machina.  I’m finding it freaky in a “The Shining” kind of way.  Not because there’s a psychopath Jack Nicholson running around (it really doesn’t get scarier than that), but because the main character is basically secluded in the middle of nowhere with a scientist that I’m not convinced isn’t a mad man.  Actually I’m becoming more and more convinced that he is a mad man.  We stopped halfway through the movie last night because it was getting late and I was getting freaked out, but Mike honestly couldn’t understand what it was about the movie that scared me.  I’m pretty convinced the only thing that Mike is afraid of is scratching the paint on the car bumper.  😉

On to another day!  I’ve heard that Tuesdays are the worst day of the week because you are no longer riding the weekend high, but you still have a long way to go until the next weekend.  I might subscribe to that except for four things:

  1. CSA pickup day – lots of fresh new veggies!
  2. Barre class at the gym
  3. “New Music Tuesday” on Spotify that features playlists of all of the new music just coming out
  4. Teaching a yoga class at the company where I work (I used to only teach Friday classes, but I’ve added a Tuesday class now as well.)

So all in all, Tuesday doesn’t look like it’s shaping up to be so bad.  In fact, with those four things it might even be a great day.  So everyone enjoy your Tuesday, because Tuesday is really the new Friday!



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2 responses to “Tuesday – the new Friday

  1. Nate

    Tuesday is supposed to be great because the hangover from the weekend is finally gone!

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