What can you build with 2 x 4’s?

Last week was a busy week and the weekend was even busier weekend!  On Friday after work I had to pick up a race packet for a 10k I ran on Saturday morning, then I had to get showered and changed, and then Mike and I went to a movie with a group of my friends from work.  The movie we saw was really interesting… Straight outta compton, a movie about the history of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and their group.  Obviously kind of a one-sided telling, since Dr. Dre and Ice Cube made the movie, but still interesting.  And of course I have the music from the movie going through my head four days later.  😉

Last week was busy too.  On Tuesday night Mike went to a going away party for a coworker after work, and on Wednesday night I got together with a friend for coffee, and on Thursday I went to run club at the gym while Mike worked out at the gym.  It seriously feels like Mike and I have something going on EVERY NIGHT!  It’s fun for a few days, but then I find myself wanting a little bit of a break.  Friday was busy too, between a bunch of back-to-back meetings and teaching yoga.

In general everything seems to be going at the speed of light these days.  I’ve been  refining my Javascript/Coffeescript/Node knowledge like crazy as well as learning a little about Go while I’m at it (kind of an intriguing computer language from Google with the world’s cutest mascot… the Go Gopher).  I think I kind of have to get behind any language with a mascot that cute, especially one that’s based on the C programming language.

Even running with the run club at the gym has been crazy!  I use a GPS on my run so that I know how far and how fast I went, and on our last run there were three miles that we ran in under an 8min/mile pace.  Holy cow!!  I am NOT the kind of runner who routinely lays down 7:50 minute miles!  Or maybe I am now?  I have definitely noticed that when I try to keep up with the faster runners it’s hard for me, so maybe my body is adapting to a newer slightly faster pace?  Regardless, I’m on board with it!  It seems to be helping because I ran a 10k on Saturday that was my fastest 10k to date.  Crazy!

Likewise, Mike has been busy too.  He’s been learning a ton at his new job, although things seem to be stabilizing for him somewhat.  Lately he’s been spending his free time researching laptops so that he could successfully choose the best laptop for his birthday present.  Now that his birthday computer is on order Mike has been relaxing a little.  It is due to arrive tomorrow, and then he’s going to be having fun for awhile installing things on it and getting it configured the way he wants.  Lately he’s been saying that what he really wishes he had was a project that required him to nail 2×4’s together.  I can’t even imagine that.  Having to nail 2×4’s together sounds like my worst nightmare (apart from a forest full of spiders, which I’ll discuss below).  And I love going to the gym and he doesn’t enjoy it at all.  In some ways we are VERY DIFFERENT people.  Regardless, I tried to think of projects that would require him to nail 2×4’s together, but couldn’t really think of anything.  I’m not really sure what kinds of things people construct with 2×4’s.  Roof beams maybe?  Maybe Mike can add another story to our house.

For the most part, the weather has still been dry, so Mike and I have been keeping up with plant watering.  We have an agreement with our neighbors in which they water all the plants in the front of both of our yards, and we water all the plants in the back.  It’s a little bit of a relief not to have to carry a 500lb hose from the backyard to the front yard all the time.  Also, there’s the spider issue.  Apparently spiders love hot weather or something, because we seem to have a plethora of spiders in and among the trees along the side of the house.  For someone with self-proclaimed arachnephobia I’ve been doing a pretty good job of weaving among the trees to water all of the plants along the side of the house (albeit carefully).  Although somehow I don’t seem to be as afraid of spiders as I used to be (no, this is not a free license to mail me a tarantula).  Maybe I’m starting to see them as living things just trying to make their way in a big world.  Living things that weave webs to catch living insects, which they can then wrap up alive and paralyzed and eat.  Hmm…. maybe I have to rethink the sympathy thing.  😉

Last night Mike and I took a long walk down by Lake Union in the evening.  Our days are finally starting to cool down, and it got windy a few days ago which has mostly cleared away the foggy haze hanging around Seattle due to the forest fires in the state.  It was so refreshing to walk in the windy twilight past lots of people walking dogs, biking, running, and just hanging out in Gasworks Park by the water.  We ended up being gone almost an hour and we walked back past a new restaurant that just opened and according to Bon Appetit is one of the best new restaurants in 2015.  We were hoping to get a vibe from the restaurant, but it was closed the night we walked by so we really didn’t get a sense of the vibe at all.

Mike’s birthday was this weekend, and we celebrated by going to the Bellevue Mall (which we have somehow managed to live in Seattle for five years and not ever visit).  We mostly just walked around, but it was a fun, big, light, airy mall.  We also celebrated by going out to a restaurant Mike really likes for dinner and drinks.  They even gave Mike a free dessert of his choice since it was his birthday!  🙂

I have somehow continued to keep up with the CSA produce, which is unusual.  Usually by this point (week 5), I’m starting to kind of fall behind and feel like I really don’t know what to do with more zucchini.  I think the lack of rain has affected the crops, because we’re getting a different distribution of vegetables than we have in previous years.  We have been getting LOTS of snow peas, so apparently snow peas are resilient to droughts.  We have been getting less lettuce, which is actually working out since I’ve been eating salads for lunch at work and haven’t typically come home wanting more salads.  Although at this point, it’s pretty fortunate that Mike really likes peas because I’ve about run out of interest in snow peas.  We’ve also been getting a lot of onions, which I can always use, and lots of cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, etc).  So far it seems to be a good CSA year!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Mike and I both had pretty crazy days at work, but I taught a yoga class at work over lunch, and I think I may have needed the calming and centering more than the students today.  😉  The busy-ness definitely makes the days fly by!  How is it already fall?  I need to find some fall bonfires or something for Mike and me to go to… I’m in that kind of mood.  🙂



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  1. Jim Armantrout

    Karen, Your mother and I greatly enjoy your blog! Love Dad

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