Caterwauling in the night

And the rains came down and the floods came up!  That about sums up the Seattle weather this weekend!  Starting early Friday morning, the rains came.  It’s almost as though the weather wanted to make up for an entire four months with almost no rain because it has been pouring!  It’s really nice to see all the grass around the neighborhood greening up.  And it’s been windy.  So windy!!  On Saturday the wind was really intense (gusts up to 45mph) and a bunch of tree branches came down.  Quite a few people were without power and unable to drive around very well until the tree branches had been cleared from the roads.  It was an eventful weekend!  Well, weather-wise, anyway.  Mike and I took the crazy, grey, windy, rainy weather as an invitation to mostly stay inside.  Even now, four days later, as I’m looking out our front window, the tree branches are waving crazily in the wind and causing our neighbors house lights behind them to appear to be wildly flickering.  It’s definitely one of those cozy fall weeks!  (Except, is it actually autumn officially yet?  I don’t think it is.)

Mike’s new computer finally arrived!  It was shipped via FedEx, and fortunately it was due to be delivered on a day that I was working from home.  I really didn’t want to miss it when the FedEx guy came because the box required a signature, and so if I didn’t hear the knock on the door the box would likely get taken away again and we’d have to figure out some other time to get it delivered.  I was so careful that I didn’t even want to run water in the house for fear it would be loud enough to keep me from hearing the knock (so much for showering before FedEx came… what if the doorbell sounded while I was in the shower and I couldn’t go to the door??).  And every time I heard a truck go by, I’d take a quick look out the front window to see whether it was a FedEx truck.  And as it happened, three FedEx trucks whizzed by.  All of them without stopping.  I thought one of them was going to stop, but as it turned out he had just stopped behind a line of cars at a traffic light and sped up again once the light changed.  This is what happens when you live right around the corner from a FedEx store like we do.  You get a lot of false alarm trucks going by.  Eventually, though, the correct FedEx guy finally came, and I got to the door so fast that the doorbell pretty much sounded in my ear as I opened the door.  I was so excited that I tried to sign for the package upside down on the barcode scanner.  Yay!  Mike’s computer had ARRIVED!

He had initially been planning on trying a couple of new computer games on it, but so far most of what he’s done is mess with the setup.  He is the only person I know who would rather configure and setup a thing than use a thing.  Or build a thing than use a thing.  Or research a thing than use a thing.  Maybe an engineering trait?  So anyway, we’ll see if the gaming takes off or not, but in the meantime he’s enjoying looking through the setup files and configuring it.  🙂

So I am having a song dilemma.  There’s a song that the teacher at my zumba class plays during our warm-up every week, and I really love it.  I keep meaning to ask her what song it is, but by the time the end of class rolls around I’ve forgotten about it.  There are only two lyrics I’ve managed to pick out of the chorus of the song which are “rainbow salad”.  Before you all run madly to your computers to start googling ‘rainbow salad lyrics’, you should know two things.

  1.  I’ve already done that and haven’t come up with anything.
  2. I have a history of mangling song lyrics.  Mike is continually laughing at me because I think the lyrics to songs are saying things that they aren’t actually saying.  I will give one example (and only one!) because one is embarrassing enough.  There was a very popular song about a year ago that had the line “chase girls” in the chorus as in “boys chase girls”.  For an inexcusably long period of time I thought the singer was saying “cheese curls” instead of “chase girls”, and I had no idea what the song was about.  No, I’m not kidding.  So it’s extremely likely that I have somehow managed to turn normal song lyrics into a food item again, and the words “rainbow salad” are in fact not present anywhere in the song.

Unfortunately this song has just been going through my head constantly, and periodically I’ll think of something else that the “rainbow salad” lyrics might be.  Hmm… rainbow passion?  Rainbow dreamin’?  Or maybe I don’t even have the rainbow part right.  There don’t seem to be a wealth of songs on Spotify that feature the word ‘rainbow’ in their title, so I don’t think it’s a hugely popular song word (except for obvious exceptions like ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’).  Anyway, so much for me and my first world dilemmas, right??

Last week, somehow my friends at work and I started talking about animals and before I knew it one of my colleagues was relating a story about a time when he put a tarantula in an old wine box.  (First of all… a tarantula?  Aaaaahhhh!!)  Anyway, long story short, the tarantula got drunk on leftover wine in the bottom of the box.  Basically every time it tried to take a step with one of its legs, it stumbled and fell.  It made for pretty slow-going progress for the tarantula.  Apparently the tarantula ended up fine though (although maybe had a killer headache later??).  After my coworker told that story, the rest of us stopped talking.  He had pretty much told the animal story that can’t be trumped.

We had a bit of minor drama a few days ago.  It was getting close to bedtime, so I headed up to bed.  Mike stayed downstairs to do some things on his computer before going to bed.  He went into his music room to grab some computer cables, came back out and shut the door, and went back upstairs to work on his computer in the dining room.  With his headphones in listening to music.  My last thought before going to bed was that I wondered why Piper hadn’t come to bed with me, but I figured she was downstairs hanging out with Mike.

Well.  As it turned out she was not hanging out with Mike.  She had sneakily followed Mike into his music room (knowing she wasn’t supposed to be in there and loving the forbidden) and stayed behind when he left and closed the door.  What started out as fun and games turned unhappy shortly after when she realized that she couldn’t get out.  She started caterwauling, but I was asleep two floors up and didn’t hear her and Mike, listening to music on his headphones didn’t hear her either.  After an hour or so she started meowing loudly enough that Mike realized what had happened and went downstairs to let her out of the room.  She shot out like a lightening bolt and raced up and down the stairs caterwauling her displeasure, which was enough to wake me up.  Eventually she calmed down and came and laid curled up in my arm in bed, purring as only a cat who has been locked up for over an hour and has finally escaped can purr.  Ah, Piper.  How boring would Mike’s and my lives be without you??  😉

The rest of our weekend was uneventful apart from me going crazy on the CSA veggie cooking.  Roasted broccoli and kohlrabi, summer squash and tomato ratatouille, chicken and veggie soup, steamed green beans, and banana/coconut muffins.  We have a refrigerator full of veggies over here this week!

Hoping everyone’s week is off to a good start!  Monday’s already over… clear the way for Tuesday (CSA produce day!).



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3 responses to “Caterwauling in the night

  1. Jim Armantrout

    I see you spelled “grey” correctly! Love dad

  2. Lia K

    At your next zumba class ask Siri or Shazam to identify your “Rainbow Salad” song!;)

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