A rainy, stormy Labor Day weekend in Seattle

Here we are in the middle of another week!  Only this time it’s only a four-day work week preceded by a 3-day weekend of pretty much pure relaxation.    I say ‘pretty much’ because there were a couple, actually several spider incidents which I’ll talk about in more detail later.  If you suffer from an intense fear of spiders… you’ve been warned!

On Friday a huge deluge of rain started.  And I don’t mean the typical Seattle foggy rain, where the rain is half falling, half suspended in the air around you.  No, this was the full thing.  The real deal.  The rain was falling so thick and so fast and for so many hours that Seattle was pretty much inundated.  There was also a lot of thunder and lightening, which our little furry friend was not a fan of.  And the wind was intense!  Gusts up to 50mph left lots of people without power and lots of roads clogged by downed trees and branches.  But it was kind of interesting in a we-haven’t-had-this-much-rain-all-year kind of way.  And it gave us a good excuse to just relax at home Friday night.

The rain mostly cleared up by late in the day on Saturday, so I went for a run down to the University Village area.  It was kind of crazy seeing all the branches down along the Burke Gilman trail!  They had already started the cleanup… so prompt!

On Sunday Mike and I got together with some friends and went out to a new restaurant in Seattle (named one of the 15 best restaurants of 2015 by Bon Appetit magazine).  I really liked it, and the atmosphere was amazing!  It was so small and cozy with high industrial ceilings and lots of pendant filament bulbs to light the space.  However, the portions were small, as is typical of the really high-end restaurants so we also ended up stopping at Dick’s Burgers on the way home to top off our dinner.  😉  We took the burgers back to our house and ate them there and chatted.

On Monday, Labor Day, Mike decided to make the day live up to its name, and he insisted I give him a to-do list of projects for him to get done around the house.  I obliged and listed things like the squeaky back door, the poor lighting in the basement storage area, and the dirty exterior of the kitchen window.  Mike happily threw himself into Home Depot trips, lighting research, and general home maintenance work.  I really don’t understand the things that man enjoys, but I’m really happy that the exterior kitchen windows are clean and that the back door doesn’t squeak anymore.  😉

I should probably get to the spider incidents.  I’ve procrastinated long enough.  There were three separate and distinct incidents which I will detail in chronological order.

Tuesday morning I was in the kitchen around 6am eating breakfast and I noticed a moderately sized spider spinning a web on the outside (thankfully the outside!) of our dining room window.  Since he was outside, I felt comfortable enough to get close-ish to the glass and watch him spin the web.  Although I am really not a friend of spiders, I had to admit that he looked very good at what he was doing.

Wednesday morning Mike and I were both in the dining room before work and Mike was drinking coffee when we noticed a nondescript brown bird flying around the window.  It flew closer, hovered in front of the spider sitting in the center of his newly constructed web, and grabbed and ate the spider!  Right there!  In plain view of our dining room window!   I might not be a big friend of spiders, but I’m not a fan of watching animals getting eaten alive right outside of my dining room window either!!  And what’s up with a bird doing that?  Aren’t they supposed to live on berries or something?  What is up with carnivorous birds living right outside my window?!?  I was freaked out.  Mike was somewhat freaked out, and said he’d never seen a spider get eaten like that before.

Thursday morning dawned bright and early and I noticed that another similar spider had build another similar web outside of our front sliding glass door and was sitting in the middle of it.  It was on the outside, so I was ok with it.  I might have even felt a little nervous for the spider’s sake knowing that we had carnivorous birds out there.  I ate an apple and went to drop the apple core in our compost bin.  I had this brief instant of thinking I had just seen a giant spider in the compost bin.  I was still sleepy, but that woke me up immediately and I looked harder into the compost bin.  Nope… there didn’t appear to be a spider in among the vegetable rinds and paper towels.  I probably just had spiders on the brain.  An hour later Mike had just left for work and I was getting ready to feed Piper and then leave for work myself.  I walked into the kitchen quickly and stopped dead.  A giant spider was walking down the center of the kitchen aisle towards me coming from the compost bin.  I don’t usually do the whole scream-like-crazy-when-I-see-a-spider thing, but this time I didn’t have time to think about it.  I screamed at the top of my lungs, at an octave that opera singers likely only aspire to.  I think the pure highness of the frequency rendered the spider deaf or something, because he stopped dead in his tracks and didn’t move.  I knew I better kill him quick and fast or he’d run and hide somewhere with legs that long.  Ok.  I hyperventilated only a little bit, and then managed to successfully kill the spider with a big wad of paper towel, put it in the trash, and then I took the trash out.  I missed the bus I’d been planning on taking, but some things are more important than buses.

Sunday afternoon Mike and I were sitting on the couch in front of the front window waiting and watching for some friends who were coming over.  We idly noticed the spider whose web I had noticed on Thursday morning.  He was still sitting squarely in the middle of the web.  While Mike and I watched a hornet flew near the web.  “Hey!” Mike said.  “I think that hornet is about to get caught in the spider web!”  I glanced towards the web in time to see the hornet fly even closer to the web.  And then he dove in and attacked the spider!!  I stifled a shriek and scrambled up from the couch as the spider tried to fight back.  And then, as we watched the 30-second fight-to-the-death, the hornet overpowered the spider, pulled him from the web (leaving three of the spiders legs behind on the web!!), and carried him over to a telephone line where he rested while he ate the spider!  And if that wasn’t bad enough, the hornet kept flying near the window for the next hour trying to pull the spider’s three remaining legs off of the web.  If the first incident had freaked me out, the second incident had me pretty much traumatized.  Mike, however, was fascinated.  “What are the chances?” he said.  “I’d never seen one spider eaten ever, and now I see two in one week.”  He looked at me still wide-eyed and speechless on the couch.  “You know, if this keeps up you’re actually going to start feeling sorry for spiders and liking them.”

This whole fight-to-the-death, food-chain level stuff should really be reserved for National Geographic shows.  This should not be happening right outside of my dining room and living room windows.  What do you do when there’s stuff that should require a Mature viewing rating happening right outside your window?

Suffice it to say, I’m about spider-ed out.  Fortunately word must be getting out among the resident spider population that the big windows are not the place to build webs, because I haven’t seen any new spider webs popping up there.  For someone who doesn’t like spiders, this has been quite the week.

I feel like I really need to follow this up with something non-spider related so that you don’t think everything that has happened to me this week has revolved around animals of the 8-legged variety.

So, in other news, I decided to try playing Minecraft and see what all the fuss is about with that game these days.  The default playing mode is ‘Survival’.  I wasn’t entirely sure what that was, but when I started playing I was surrounded by cows and chickens and the world seemed to be a pretty friendly place.  I ran around trying to figure out how to cut down trees and how to pick flowers.  I luckily snagged some sugar cane which I figured would come in handy later.  And then night fell.  And a bunch of crazy-looking monsters came out and the health bar I hadn’t even noticed on the screen until then went from 10 down to 0 in a couple seconds and I died.  Well, that was a short-lived type of fun.  I googled Minecraft and figured out that you have to build a shelter before the sun goes down or you get killed by the monsters.  Ah, well all right then.  I tried several more times but couldn’t get a shelter built in the ten minutes before night fell.  So then I gave up and decided to play in ‘Creative’ mode instead of ‘Survival’ mode.  I entered a similar-looking world with a bunch of cows and chickens and after a few minutes of running around and exploring, I fell into a chasm so deep that I could barely see the sky anymore when I looked up and I had no way of getting out of it.  At that point I decided that if I couldn’t even survive in creative mode, Minecraft might not be the game for me.  😉  So that’s pretty much my short-lived stint in Minecraft.  Some people are not made to game, and I think I may be one of them.

Mike has been enjoying tweaking the configurations on his new computer and has done a little bit of gaming, but none that he enjoyed as much as working around the house on Labor Day.  🙂

Have a wonderful week everyone!


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One response to “A rainy, stormy Labor Day weekend in Seattle

  1. Lia K

    Watching your neighborhood spider family out the dining room/living room windows sure beats Monday night football…or Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

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