The Lunar Eclipse of 2015!

Here we are with another weekend gone!  This weekend went by FAST!  It was definitely our coldest weekend of the year so far with temps hitting the high 60’s, and somehow it seemed as though Mike and I were outdoors all weekend!

It's autumn in Seattle!

It’s autumn in Seattle!

On Saturday Mike had a fitness challenge event that he signed up for through the gym.  It was basically four different events made up of things like sprints, pushups, carrying heavy dumbells around, etc.  Mike definitely figured it would be really tough, but neither one of us figured on it being so long.  Each of the four events took around 10 minutes, and there were over 50 people participating who were broken up into 8 ‘heats’.  That basically meant that however you looked at it, each event took around an hour and a half, and the whole thing took around 6 hours.  Mike and I dressed reasonably warm, but the event was held outdoors at a turf field half an hour north of Seattle and it was very windy and cloudy so it felt pretty cold.  Also, being outdoors for six hours in general gets pretty chilly unless it’s really warm outside.  During the times where Mike wasn’t participating in his heats, we walked around and talked.  I speculated on how they maintained the ‘turf’.  It was grass-looking, but yet definitely not real.  I wondered aloud to Mike what happened if someone spilled gatorade in it.  Literally twenty minutes later, a representative from the school that owned the field walked up looking for the person in charge of our event.  Two minutes after that, the gym fitness director was walking around telling everyone that only water was allowed on the turf field… no other beverages.  Mike turned to me.  “Well, that answers your question,” he said.  “It must screw it up somehow because that guy sure doesn’t want it on his field.  About half an hour before the end of the event, it started to rain.  Everyone ran to their cars for coats and umbrellas.  One advantage of the ‘turf’ is that at least things didn’t get muddy.  🙂  By the time the event ended, Mike had worked out really hard and was pretty beat.  We headed home, and Mike took a nap in the afternoon and then woke up feeling more refreshed.  On Sunday morning I went for a 10 mile run, and the weather was perfect!

From my run...

From my run…

It was still chilly, but when you’re running that’s fine (and even kind of desirable).  I took a route that I’ve only taken once before just for a change of scenery and it was fun.

Hazy Seattle...

Hazy Seattle… if I had moved the camera one millimeter to the left I wouldn’t have cut the Space Needle in half, but I was blinded by the sun

I arrived home windblown with a pink nose, and Mike said he wanted to run some errands so we headed out again once I showered.  Then in the afternoon, I opened the kitchen window and prepped and cooked up a bunch of CSA produce while Mike wired more ethernet stuff.  I think he’s headed towards the end of that project, but his eye for detail and desire for quality are making sure that he improves the wiring rather than just adding to it.  I made a triple green tomato soup, chicken with rice and carrots, and a summery tomato basil salad (which admittedly may be too summery for the current very fall-like weather).

Then on Sunday evening, I was really excited to go outside and see the lunar eclipse.  It was supposed to start in Seattle around 7pm because that’s when the sun would set enough for the moon to be visible.  However, the moon would already be mostly eclipsed by that point.  I was ready to see what there was to be seen!  I basically cooked all afternoon, and then around 7pm when the sun was supposed to start setting I grabbed Mike and told him we should head outdoors in search of the eclipse.  Mike was in the middle of some wiring and hadn’t really heard anything about the eclipse but gamely through on some flip fops and headed out with me.  We didn’t see the moon anywhere, so we decided to head towards the Aurora bridge because we figured we would have an uninterrupted view east from there.  As we walked out onto the bridge we saw that there were about ten other people on the bridge.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought the Aurora bridge would be a good viewing spot.  We all stood there, lining the pedestrian walkway of the bridge while we waited somewhat impatiently for it to get darker.  Finally it got dark-ish.  Definitely dark enough to see a moon.  We had just seen the moon the night before and it was huge and unmistakable, even shortly after sunset.  But, I reminded myself and Mike that the eclipse was going on at the moment, which was probably why we couldn’t see the moon.

“So basically we came out here to not see a moon?” Mike teased.  “This isn’t very good entertainment.”

We waited for another ten or fifteen minutes.  I looked around and realized that the bridge was filling up.  There were probably 50 people there at this point, all straining their eyes towards the eastern horizon hoping to see some glimpse of a moon.  Finally Mike nudged me in the side.

“Hey… is that weird wisp thing the moon?”

“What weird wisp thing?” I asked.

“A couple inches above that blinking light on the horizon.”

I strained my eyes, and did in fact see a weird wisp thing where Mike was pointing.  It was way too faint to be distinguishable as a moon, but in the absence of other clouds it seemed likely that maybe it was the moon.  Mike and I continued watching that spot, and over the next ten minutes that wisp transformed into a dark reddish moon!  I was ecstatic (although a little cold since we’d been outside for about 45 minutes at that point).

“If I would have known we were going to be out here for so long I wouldn’t have worn flip flops,” Mike said.  “I thought the eclipse would be faster.”  He paused and looked at all the people around us with cameras.  “I also wish I would have brought my camera with me.”

At this point according to my reliable internet source, the moon was in the darkest part of the earth’s shadow (the umbra), so there shouldn’t be any major visual changes until the moon started emerging from the earth’s shadow on the other side.  Mike and I decided to go home, get warm clothes and cameras, and head back.  We headed back home and discovered that the moon was now high enough in the sky that we could see it from our roof.  I was all for staying at home and watching the remainder of the eclipse from the warmth of our house, but Mike wanted to try to get some pictures of the moon over Lake Union, so he wanted to go back to the bridge.  I’m not sure how good the pictures that he got were… he still has to get them off of his camera.  In the meantime, here’s a really grainy one of Mike and me on the Aurora bridge and the very faint, very wispy start of a visible moon.  Not quite the caliber of the other pictures of the eclipse I’ve seen circulating around the internet, but I’m going with it.  😉

The lunar eclipse... kind of

A weird wisp thing that is actually a moon to the right of my head

Here’s another pic… the dot in to the left is the moon; the dot to the right is an airplane.  Apparently my phone camera doesn’t have the resolution to tell the difference since they look pretty much the same.

The dot to the left is the moon

The dot in the center is the moon


The photo gallery here has much better Seattle moon pictures.  In fact they make mine look pretty terrible, so I’m not sure why I posted mine.  Hindsight, my friends, is 20/20.

This week has been pretty crazy at work for both Mike and me.  I am looking forward to a weekend in which we have nothing planned!  No gym events, no cleaning the floors since I just cleaned them last weekend… no nothing!  Well, actually some laundry.  And of course dishes.  And errands.  But aside from that stuff, nothing planned.  🙂

We have some friends who are in Italy right now and they’re posting pictures of Venice on Facebook… it’s making me very nostalgic for Mike’s and my trip there!  I am really ready for one of those giant European vacations!  We’ll probably take a big trip next spring, and that can’t come quick enough for me!

In other mildly interesting news, I’m taking an intro krav maga class with two friends from work next week.  Actually it sounds weird to say ‘two friends’, because it’s basically a peer of mine, and then the director of our department.  So basically if I screw up crazily I get to do it in front of the director of my department.  🙂  If you aren’t familiar with krav maga and aren’t motivated enough to click on the link above, it’s basically a form of self defense fighting developed for the Israeli military.  I’m not entirely sure how the class will go, but the studio where they teach it is on my bus route home, and I’ll try most things if they’re on my bus route and don’t inconvenience my commute too much.  🙂

I have the feeling this Friday night will be a go-out-to-dinner kind of night for Mike and me.  After the crazy busyness of the week we won’t feel like cooking or even heating up leftovers.  And then maybe a movie or a few shows… something relaxing!  🙂  Next week is also going to be busy for both of us, and then the week after I’m going to Houston for three days for a tech conference with a group of people from work.  Fun!

I wish everyone a wonderful rest-of-the-week!


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  1. Jim Armantrout

    I highly approve of this krav maga class. I think you should take this class seriously and get certified in this. If you are good at yoga you should excel at this. This is a great opportunity for you. Love dad

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